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Kudo Kingpin

Problem "Get Data" in CDS 2.0 not working

I try Get Data for a basic custom entity with 4 text columns, the wizard works perfectly until the start of importing then i get this error: -


Any idea?


Load to Common Data Service failed. Details: An error occurred while validating input parameters: Microsoft.OData.ODataException: Does not support untyped value in non-open type.
at System.Web.OData.Formatter.Deserialization.DeserializationHelpers.ApplyProperty(ODataProperty property, IEdmStructuredTypeReference resourceType, Object resource, ODataDeserializerProvider deserializerProvider, ODataDeserializerContext readContext)
at System.Web.OData.Formatter.Deserialization.ODataResourceDeserializer.ApplyStructuralProperties(Object resource, ODataResourceWrapper resourceWrapper, IEdmStructuredTypeReference structuredType, ODataDeserializerContext readContext)
at Microsoft.Crm.Extensibility.OData.CrmODataEntityDeserializer.ApplyStructuralProperties(Object resource, ODataResourceWrapper resourceWrapper, IEdmStructuredTypeReference structuredType, ODataDeserializerContext readContext)
at System.Web.OData.Formatter.Deserialization.ODataResourceDeserializer.ReadResource(ODataResourceWrapper resourceWrapper, IEdmStructuredTypeReference structuredType, ODataDeserializerContext readContext)
at System.Web.OData.Formatter.ODataMediaTypeFormatter.ReadFromStream(Type type, Stream readStream, HttpContent content, IFormatterLogger formatterLogger). (Job ID: 2c206076-6994-4546-8d1e-a1d22ad86672)

Power Apps
Power Apps

Adding @millopis from the Power Query team.


Hi @CWesener and @millopis, and that's for always being available.


I found a resolution that I would like to share, although I don't think this error should exist but here is the reason and how to eliminate.


The reason of this error is that if I create an entity and name as COUNTRY, Name of the primary field cannot be also called COUNTRY. Simple.


If I call the primary field anything else, such as COUNTRY NAME, then power query works perfectly.




Hello Yahya.

Thanks for reporting this. We will introduce an additional validation rule that indicates that it's not possible to create an entity if it has a field with the same name as the entity itself.




Confirmed issue & fix works, thanks Yahya 

I am getting the same error with a different Primary name vs the entity name.  I am training in powerapps and an admitted newbie but I have followed the instructions but I am unable to imort my data.FieldmappingError1.pngDataError1.pngEntity error1.pngError1.png

I have the exact same issue.

I am also training and taking the same course via

@KyleGarrettand @Smitha10: sorry for the late reply. Would you mind starting a new thread for this issue, as it's unrelated to the issue that the current thread was created for?

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