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Problem retrieving full size image from CDS

Hi together,


I have a problem retrieving pictures from CDS. They are all reduced to 144x144 pixel. Any help on this would be highly appreciated. Here is what I've done so far.


- I built an app where I can take a picture of a document together with some further information on that picture. (Picture is still in full size)

- I store everything from PowerApps to CDS using patch-function (works fine)

- I open a gallery showing all pictures incl. data entered. (I can see the picture, but only limited resolution)

- I built a flow that should retrieve picture and store it to OneDrive. (file stored on OneDrive has only resolution of 144x144 pixels.


I could find that CDS stores a thumbnail in that format. It seems that I always load the thumbnail.... but cannot get the full size picture. I read that I could use an URL to get the fullsize image. Unfortunately URL is not provided within the data I can read from flow (only entityimage and entityimageid). URL should additionally contain a timestamp as stated  in the example provided by MS:{ECB6D3DF-4A04-E311-AFE0-00155D9C3020}&timestamp=635120312218444444


Anyone an idea? 


Many thanks in advance





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Sorry, here a pic from the flow I created 



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Hi Martin, 


My solution for photos in CDS 2.0 is to save the base64 string. Create a field with Data type "Multiline text" and Max Length 1000000. You do not need any convert function - non-image fields convert imcoming photos into base4 string automatically by itself. 


Please note, this solution is part of my test/training app. I did not implement it into my productive apps yet. Therefore, I do not know how stable saving of strings with length 1000000 is in production.  


Kind regards 


Hi Lars,


many thanks. I'll give it a try and will post results soonest.


I realize this is an older post, but we just released a preview for enhanced image support. It is available for canvas now and model soon. See these blog posts for more information.

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You need to get the full size of the picture, in REST, you can use :

GET /api/data/v9.1/<entity-type(id)>/<image-attribute-name>/$value?size=full

for example :

[Organization URI]/api/data/v9.1/accounts(C0864F1C-0B71-E911-8196-000D3A6D09B3)/myentityimage/$value?size=full

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i know this post is a few days old by now, but maybe you or others still have that issue. 

I came across the "Get file or image content" Action in Power automate. 

After setting the Item ID, make supe you set the "image size" to: full. 

By default, you only get the thumbnail, which is 144x144px. 


I hope that resolves your Issue, 

if it does, please accept it as a solution 🙂


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@ConstantinSeide hello! I am not able to find that action.. could you please confirm that it still exists? Thanks!

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Hello @Anonymous , 

in the meantime there is another action, that does the same thing: 


"Download a file or an image". 
Hope that will do the trick for you. 

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