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Record version numbers

We are building an app to manage the health and safety side of things in our org. Part of this app will allow us to create Risk Assessments. We want to be able to create one it is given a new record number (i.e. RISKA0001), but then when the risk needs to be re-assessed (by clicking say, a 'reassess risk' button), instead of that risk assessment being given a new record number (i.e. RISKA-0002) it is given a new version number of the same risk assessment (i.e. RISKA0001-V002). Is this possible?

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Super User

Hi @boyceyonmission ,

This is not possible utilizing the standard AutoNumber field that you can define.  You can probably accomplish this in a different way by doing a real-time workflow:

  1. Add new field Latest Version Number to your Risk Assessment
    1. Default this to 1 when you create the original record
    2. Any time you "reassess" you would add 1 to this original value (assuming you maintain a link to the original as a lookup field)
    3. Each "reassess" environment would add 1 to the current value to that new record
  2. On the Reassess process:
    1. Set the primary name field (assuming this is your autonumber field) when creating the record to the value of the original primary name field from your original record and concatenate this with a "-V" and the version number prefixed with 0's.  If you set this when creating it will not overwrite with the default value for the AutoNumber.  This can be done through Power Automate or even a Real-Time workflow.
Hope this helps. Please accept if answers your question or Like if helps in any way.

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