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Relationship between Activities and other Entities

I am a little confused about the relationship between the Activities entity.


I have added the default dataset to my CDS db, and can see data in the Activities view (see second screenprint).

Why therefore do i not get the 'Data' tab to select from this view (first screenprint)


Also, what is the relationship between the Activities entity and other 'sub'-activities like phone call or appointment.  Is Activities simply a way of joining to the underlying table, or can you choose to calls in either.  It seems to me to be duplicate functionality?






Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ghdunn ,


Have you checked the documentations of Activity entities?


In Common Data Service, activities are tasks that you or your teams perform when they contact customers, for example, sending letters or making telephone calls. An activity is any action which can be entered on a calendar and has time dimensions (start time, stop time, due date, and duration) that help determine when the action occurred or is to occur.





Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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@v-monli-msft  Mona...many thanks for reply and useful links.  I had reviewed the documentation on entities...and have looked again, but I am not sure it answers the two specific questions I had, which I now discover are probably related. 


1. I am confused why, though I thought there must be data in the Activities entity, I do not see a 'data' tab in the CDM front end.  I see that data tab for other entities..  That suggests that the Activity entity is empty.

2. When I was talking about the relationship between Activities and other entities I meant things like Phone Calls.  I see data in the Phone Call entity, and a relationship between that entity and both the Activity AND the Contact entity.  If the join is between Contact and Phone Call (and contact and Appointment etc etc)....when would I use the Activity Entity??


Many thanks!




There is another entity that you may not be aware of called the "ActivityParty entity" (reference:


The ActivityParty entity links the Contacts, for example, with the particular activity entity (i.e. Appointment). The reason for this entity is that you can have multiple contact records in the "TO" field on an Appointment. "An activity party represents a person or group associated with an activity. An activity can have multiple activity parties."



Great...very useful indeed - I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense.


Have you any thoughts on my question about the Activity entity.  If the relationship is between Contact and Phone Call, perhaps through a many to many bridging table, how does the Activity entity come into play?


If I log a phone call, will there be any entry in the Activity table?






Have you looked at the Activity entity within a model-driven app? Say you have a model-drive app called "Sales Hub", you can add in the Activities entity in the Site Map. Once published, you can navigate to the Activities and see the actual records and related entities.




Just thinking about this a bit more....though of course it makes sense to me from a 'many to many' point of view, why can I not see that in the list of entities.  I understand that there are some entities in 'Core' and some in other modules such as 'Sales' which is why I can't see 'Leads' in the screenprint below.  


However, are we also saying that there are 'system' tables like ActivityParty that I can't see?


This is an additional question to my main question, which I am afraid I still don't have an answer to....that if I create a phone call activity item, why don't I see an entry in 'Activity'.1.PNG





Yes...I can see data in the Activities form using that method - thanks!  But it leaves me with two questions.


1.  Why can't I see/edit that data in the normal Activity Entity front end view?

2. I am sorry if I am being dumb, but I am still confused by the role of the Activity entity vis a vis Phone Calls etc.  If i add a Phone call, what is the treatment of that record ...does it generate an entry in both Phone Calls and Activity and if so, why?


any help appreciated!




The Phone Call Activity would be listed in the Phone Call entity. Each activity type has its own entity, such as Email, Phone Call, Appointment, and Task.

Thanks, @PowerBack19 


I understand that...but why, therefore, have an Activity entity at all?  What purpose does it serve, if all activities are recorded in their own specific entities.




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