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Suppress null values on Model Driven Charts

Hello All,

I have been trying hard to suppress null values on the model driven chart or I dont want to show the equipment category with blank/null values on the chart.

Here in the chart below, I dont want show null values for the "Laptop" or any other equipment if the company is not assigned that equipment.





I have checked the blog post and and found you can format labels and suppress negative or 0 values. But here I just dont want to suppress the 0 values. I would not like to show the null values or small bars of that equipment at all in the chart. 

I have tried customizing the chart xml like below but found its only suppressing 0 values but not null values.

<Series ChartType="Column" IsValueShownAsLabel="True" Font="{0}, 9.5px" LabelForeColor="59, 59, 59" CustomProperties="PointWidth=0.75, MaxPixelPointWidth=40" LabelFormat="#,0;(#,0);' '" />

 I just want to show the bars which have values 1 or more in simple terms. Let me know if its possible at all. Thank you so much in advance.


Best Regards,


Super User
Super User

Hi @RameshMukka,


Do you need the records to be reflected at all in the chart if the equipment category does not contain data? If you don't need them, you could just add a filter to your view so those records are excluded altogether.


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@ChrisPiasecki Thank you for taking some time to respond. As you can notice the company "Agent Test" have only one record with equipment "Sim card". So I dont know how can I apply filter for the records that doesn't even exist, i mean there are no records for this company for other equipment. But the chart still shows null values for rest of the equipment for this company, as example. I just dont want them to show in the chart at all for null values. Any advice, please?


Best Regads,


@ChrisPiasecki There seems no solution available out there on internet. Anyways that you can help here? The table itself don't have the records to actually filter them out. Which means the chart cannot find the records with those equipment values and when not found it showing null. Hope am making some sense. If not, let me know i can detail more.

Hi @RameshMukka,


Just so I'm not misinterpreting, can you post a screenshot of the chart in the designer? 

@ChrisPiasecki Here is chart in designer. Also FYI Company is lookup column and Equipment is choice column if that can help more. 



@ChrisPiasecki Will be grateful if you could help here. Or do you think I should approach Microsoft for this?

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