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Talk to me about Dependencies

I have a solution that I made from scratch in Tenant A's Dev environment - and I'm trying to import it into Tenant B's Dev environment.


This solution has in it:

  • Tables - all custom entities made by me from scratch with no relationships to other tables outside the solution
  • Workflows - a few simple workflows that just work to dynamically update values within the solution's tables
  • Web resource - one .js file that is dynamically hiding and showing form tabs in a table
  • a Model-driven app, a dashboard, and some custom choice optionsets.

I run the dependency checker prior to export from Tenant A's Dev - It returns nothing. 


I export and attempt to import into Tenant B's Dev - ERROR: Import failed due to missing dependencies. Details show a random table must be imported first. I've never seen or interacted with this table, it is an unmanaged custom table from long ago that someone else built in another solution (I can only find it in the default solution). 


Weird, but I'll play ball - I create a new solution and put only that single table into it, publish it, run checker on it, export it, and then attempt to import it into Tenant B's Dev and I got the same error... import failed due to missing dependencies. The only dependency listed in the error details is the exact table that is in the solution... How can a table fail to import because it depends on itself?


I fear I am failing to understand environments/solutions/dependencies on a fundamental level. Please help. 

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @Cosmic_Kitchen 

have you tried running this  XrmToolBox Tool   (Solution Dependency Checker) to check dependency of your solution..


This will provide details on which components are needed in destination environment before solutions can be successfully imported in to destination environment...


so either add these missing dependency or try to remove these dependency from this solution before exporting/importing to Destination environment... 

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Check to see if there are added custom columns in any standard tables that you are using. For example, if some one adds a look up column in the user table to one of their custom tables and your solution contains the user table then the missing dependencies error will appear. 

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