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Update a Row action sets Modified By column to Flow Owner

I'm trying to create a trigger that will concatenate several columns when a row is added or modified and store the result in a separate column.  I set up a service account to own the flow so I can use a trigger condition to compare and ensure the service account is not what initiated the flow.  Prevents an infinite loop when doing the update.


When I modify or create a row with a separate account, and the trigger fires, the "modified by" column on the table is always set to the service account (wcFlowSA in my case). I've set the "Run as" value of the flow to "Modifying user" but that didn't help.   

  • Is this because the connection to the dataverse for the update is made by the service account .  If so, what's the purpose of the "Run as" option. 
  • Is this because I don't have the "Use invoker's connection" option checked on the update action?  Again, if I need to check that, what's the purpose of the "Run as" option? 
    • BTW, when I tried to check "Use invoker's connection", I got an error about not having the "prvActOnBehalfOfAnotherUser".  I've asked my administrators to provide that permission.

I'd rather not lose the valuable information of who modified a row just because I have have a trigger doing some each time the record is changed.  Is this behavior expected?


Here's a condensed example of my flow:


Here's the resulting output:




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