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Updating Environment Variables in Managed Solution

Documentation (Use environment variables in solutions - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs) states that we should remove Current Value of Environment Variables before exporting an Unmanaged Solution to a Managed Solution --> this will provide a popup during Managed Solution Import to enter the Environment Variable.


How can an Environment Variable Current Value be updated after import?

  1. In the Modern Interface it states 
    This environment variable definition cannot be edited because it is in a managed solution.
  2. In the CDS Data / Dataverse Table it states
    You do not have permission to access these records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator for help.

I also mentioned this to the Center Of Excellence Starter Kit creators because there I see that Environment Variable Current Values behave in the same way when trying to update existing Environment Variable Values: [BUG]: Edit Environment variable from managed solution · Issue #591 · microsoft/powerapps-tools (git...


Anyh other ways that we can edit the values of these variables when imported as Managed Solution?


Through the Tables sections of the Power Platform Environment now also seems to allow Current Value adding + updating. See Power Platform: verify Current Value of an Environment Variable in a Managed Solution » Knowhere365 👍

Helper III
Helper III

I have an environment variable storing a SharePoint site value. By following the instruction, I make the EV empty before export. Then export the solution from DEV environment, import to TEST environment. During import I was being asked for "connection" only. No prompting of environment variable. So I cannot change it.



Hi @Colchester, can you verify that the target environment contains the Environment Variable Definition?

If so you can add or edit a Current Value manually: see Power Platform: verify Current Value of an Environment Variable in a Managed Solution » Knowhere365

New Member

I can confirm that this is not working as expected. Created a brand new solution in an unmanaged environment, added an environment variable with just stating it's name and no default value or current value. Exported the solution as managed and no input box appeared for the environment variable.


Been bashing my head for far too long 

Advocate I
Advocate I

I'm trying to understand your logic but this does not make any sense... 

Why would you have to manually clear the variables before exporting?
Why would you have to re-enter the values for those variables when importing as a managed solution?

To me, it's 100x easier to have another layer in the target environment that sets those values, in that way you can can have all the development values in those variables when you are in your dev environment, and then have the target environment (staging, production) values applied via the active layer.

Let me know if I'm missing something, but having to do a *manual* search & replace does not seem to be the way.


Super User
Super User

Thought it might be useful to know we can now set environment variables and connection referencse in a deployment configuration file. You can manage that file in a repo, automatically update it in pipeline, use as pipeline artifacts and then be deployed as part of your pipelines! More info: 

Hi @Django , are the methods mentioned in the link official method by Microsoft or it is widely accepted by Power App developer community? I believe it should work. But I am worry one day MS change something and break things. 


Hi @Colchester, once you are able to edit the Current Value --> the Power Platform just looks at the value.
The official documentation Use environment variables in solutions - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs says setting the Current Value is part of the modern import interface but states nothing about updating an existing Current Value (or what if Modern Interface bugs out when importing a brand new solution). So the road to inserting or editing the Current Value seems to be the headache here... not the end result because once the Current Value is set, it will be used (notice the exception on Power Automate where you have to Turn Off and Turn On the flow to push the update 🤯).


In the latest update of the Maker Portal the data tab of each table has been removed so there is no (easy) way to simple do this. I am posting a new blog about this, later in the week 🤓

Not applicable

@Django any update on this issue? I have tried updating the variable through the default solution in the ENV but my canvas app will not respond to a change made that way.

Hi @Anonymous,

Regarding the updated Maker Portal with the new user experience see Power Platform: Current Value of an Environment Variable in the Modern Maker Portal » Knowhere365 for the best options to edit the current value.


However once you have updated the current value (and you are sure that the current value record is updated using any of the methods above), I am only aware of a Power Automate Flow needing to be turned off and turned on again to see the updated Environment Variable value.


If you are using a Canvas App this should immediately see the updated information. Unless you are working the in the Power Apps Studio (which then needs a data source refresh after a record update) or if you are storing the value in a temporary variable or collection after which you have to refresh this. Please provide more details on your Canvas App for better help 👍

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