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Upgrade to CDS for Apps - time for each step?

I've been trying to upgrade my CDS for 2 days. Step 1 - create test database have been "active" for 36 hours (I've not received an error message yet so I suppose it still working). We only have a few entities and apps (5), no flows. 


Where or how can I check if my process is working?

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48 hours and counting!!

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After 60 hours I got this! Smiley Frustrated Pls help needed

I had the same issue.  Tried 8 times and got the same error message.  In the end I deleted the database following these instructions  But that wasn't straight forward because Power Shell has some dependancies that are not mentioned in the article.  I googled each error message in Power Shell and found the answers.  It was a frustrating day.

Sorry to hear that deleting the database via PowerShell had some challenges. I wrote the instructions based on my personal testing of the cmdlet, but there can always be different considerations.


I would like to capture any challenges people have with this (or any part of the upgrade process) and get them in the docs. If you happen to recall what error message you got, please let me know.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Unfortunatly there is no progress reporting during the test migration in step 1 or step 3. 
We are working on making the whole migration faster.

If the time duration for the Test migration in step 1 indicates you will have a business disruption for step 3, please contact support.

I've also tried upgrading 3 times all have failed. No error messages just upgrade failed and option to Reset Upgrade...


Is there a way for admins to upgrade flows or PowerApps on users behalf? We may have users who have since left the organisation. Any help?

Can you try again. There were several issues when this initially rolled out and have since been resolved. Please do let us know if you encounter any other issues. 

Thanks @caburk, Do users need to upgrade their apps for step 3 to happen/suceeed? Or will it go through with whats there?

That's correct. You should also check out the latest documentation as it's been updated recently.





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