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Upgrade to CDS for Apps - time for each step?

I've been trying to upgrade my CDS for 2 days. Step 1 - create test database have been "active" for 36 hours (I've not received an error message yet so I suppose it still working). We only have a few entities and apps (5), no flows. 


Where or how can I check if my process is working?



User's haven't received any notification in Step 2 about verifying their apps/flows. Is this function working?


Also when in step 2, in working with one of the users to test and verify there's nothing on their flow or app regarding any upgrade messages. However had the user save all flows and test everything was working.

Then proceeded to Step 3 which again failed with error below.


An error occured while initiating the database upgrade.
The CDS migration is not in Publish state for environment 'Default-66269612-ce5a-482e-8ea4-fdf6b5ad33af'.
This whole process seems very flakey. What would be ideal is if you could export all flows and apps, delete the environment DB. Create a new one and import all the exported flows and apps.

Thanks for providing your environmentid. For environmentid 'Default-66269612-ce5a-482e-8ea4-fdf6b5ad33af' I see you are running into a known issue we are working to fix.

I don't find any environment with environmentid  'aa70be02-611f-4923-b21c-5259aeebdb31'


The process is designed to minimize downtime for apps or flows that depend on the database. The schema of the databases is different.


For example. CDS for Apps has an account entity and  previous version CDS  also has an account entity. But the definitions are different. You also may have custom entities in previous version CDS that aren't defined in a CDS for Apps database.

When you upgrade, a custom entity is created in CDS for Apps that has the same fields and relationships defined by the previous version CDS account entity so that your apps and flows will keep working. The data from your previous version CDS database will go to that custom account entity rather than the standard CDS for Apps account entity. More details at What to expect on upgrading to CDS for Apps.

The upgrade process does quite a lot of work for you so that you can end up with working apps and flows without re-creating them for all the differences between previous version CDS and CDS for Apps.

RE: "User's haven't received any notification in Step 2 about verifying their apps/flows. Is this function working?"

Only App and flow creators or users who have edit permissions on the apps will recieve notifications. Also, emails can't be sent to security groups. So if you have granted permissions via security groups users won't recieve emails.

This is documented in Step 2: Upgrade and verify your apps and flows to work with new CDS for Apps database:


Emails are not sent to security groups. An administrator should determine from the PowerApps admin center whether any security groups have edit permissions on an app, and then reach out to those users separately.

Emails will not be sent to owners of Apps and flows that do not connect to the previous version CDS database


Can you confirm that your users have individual assignments to edit apps?

Thanks for the clarification @JimDaly-MSFT, much appreciated. 🙂

@JimDaly-MSFTI can confirm that those indvidual users have edit rights to their flows/apps but neither receieved any communication for Step.2 I can also confirm that the CDS DB that their flows/apps reside in does require upgrade. This is the CDS database that i've been trying to upgrade.




I've had the same problem. I've tried 3 times now, but within seconds, the circle stops spinning, and I get the following message and an option to reset:

"There were errors initiating the database upgrade"
No advice on what the errors were. Any ideas on what went wrong?

This is for the environmentid Default-66269612-ce5a-482e-8ea4-fdf6b5ad33af you mentioned earlier?

I'll loop in support and the dev teams to investigate.

That's correct @JimDaly-MSFT and thanks.

@Caroline I recommend that you (and @ShaneOss) or anyone having issues with the upgrade open a ticket with support and provide your tenantid and environmentid.

Actually, Just the URL that you use to view your environment with your CDS 1.0 database should be sufficient, ie. (

We have some issues that are transient, and the best course of action is to retry. Others are items we are tracking to fix and your time might be better spent waiting to be notified that the issue is fixed.


We are also working to provide error reports that are clear about what you can do to fix the issue if there is anything you can do.

The more details you can provide (whether to support or in the forums) will help us tie the errors you see with the errors in our telemetry.

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