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Upgrade to CDS for Apps - time for each step?

I've been trying to upgrade my CDS for 2 days. Step 1 - create test database have been "active" for 36 hours (I've not received an error message yet so I suppose it still working). We only have a few entities and apps (5), no flows. 


Where or how can I check if my process is working?

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I get Problem in the start establising the database (Text in Norwegian). The only option is to reset the Upgrade.


I am also trying to export an APP from the old CDS to a newly created Environment CDS-App. That does not work either. It says "Don't find the API "Shared_runtimesevice"

I am starting to get worried. Can I loose ALL my Apps and work!!!!???

I need a solution. 

I do not see any real solutions here as well. 

you are making me sleep bad now. Im starting to get really worried.

Unfortunatly we found that until last week the email notifications were not being sent as designed. This has been fixed. But this will only help people who are just completing Step 1. They can't be sent out retroactively for people who have already gone past this step.

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I'm in the same boat, I ran the upgrade on our development instance a few days ago which is pretty much empty and it only took about 4 hours for the steps 1&3, however I kicked off step one to create the test database in our production environment about 26 hours ago and it is still on step one "Create a test database" with the spinning wheel. Is there anything I can do or is it just going to fail after 60 hours? The environment is: Default-ac3cee11-699b-428b-b3ed-3d3053bd8f03

We were advised last night that MS had released a fix for our identified issue with the failing CDS upgrade. Maybe try again and see how it goes. Otherwise just log a support ticket via

Good luck! 🙂

@JimDaly-MSFT  Wow! We are also in the same situation. Step 1 completed but assumed that MS had sent notifications as designed. Are there plans to fix for customers that have completed Step 1 but not yet finalised their upgrades? I.e. to resend the notification with the necessary info:

@ShaneOss @JimDaly-MSFT I don't think my step one completed at all though, as it was giving me an error message (with no idication as towhat the error was!). I'm now in the process of transferring everything manually.

@CarolineI would log a support ticket and have them investigate/resolve instead of manually doing yourself.

@ShaneOss Thanks, I have logged a ticket, but they haven't come up with a resolution yet, so manual transfer it is.


@CarolineWe logged a ticket 11 February 2019. It was only resolved last night 3 March 2019. 🙂

I'd say they have a backlog of customers with issues.

When you say transferring everything manually, what do you mean?

@Caroline wrote:

@ShaneOss @JimDaly-MSFT I don't think my step one completed at all though, as it was giving me an error message (with no idication as towhat the error was!). I'm now in the process of transferring everything manually.

Please be advised that we are extending the date for people to complete their upgrades beyond March 15. So please don't feel rushed by that date. Expect more information to be released next week.

There are a lot of rough places in the migration tools and we are fixing them as we go, looking at cases from support as well as telemetry.  You can consider errors in Step 1 to be warnings in cases that Step 1 succeeds. The errors you get in Step 3 are the ones that matter most.


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