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Using Filter to insert the record in collection casing few column value blank

Hello All,


I am selecting a Record in Combo box & on Button click I am capturing all column values in Collection. But here problem is few column values are not coming in Collection. Without Filter I can see those records in Gallery but as per business logic we have to filter the Dataverse records based on selected record in Combo box.


Their is no error in formula but few column value is not coming inside Collection, I have mentioned below the Formula : 


ClearCollect(CollectionABC, Filter(Datasource, Column1.Column1 = ComboBox.Selected.ColumnABC(here I am comparing the Dataverse Record with selected record GUID));


Strange thing is in my page their is 2 button with same formula but different collection name, for one collection everything is coming as expected but for another collection few column value are coming inconsistent.


Can some one put some light on this issue.


Thanks in advance.


Super User
Super User

Hi @Sandeep3,

Can you elaborate little on your issue? Perhaps sharing your expressions, tables and screenshots of app you are trying to load or update? Thanks a lot 

New Member

Hello Eric,


Thank for your reply, below I have mentioned the complete scenario for the issue which we are facing :


1. Dataverse : We have 1 master table(Opp), 1 Parent table(DMG) & 1 Child Table(PI), in DMG table we had a lookup column for Opp table.

2. UI : On UI We have 1 Combo Box, that is associated with Opp table to display all available records. And We have 2 Buttons, in that we have written an formula to get the all available records in collection. Here logic is 

ClearCollect(CollectionABC, Filter(DMG(Table), Opp.Opp = ComboBox.Selected.Opp(here I am comparing the Dataverse Record with selected record GUID));

Here in CollectionABC I am getting all records which is associate to Master table(Opp) in DMG Table. Here the problem we are facing same formula we had used in another 2nd button to get the records in other collection but few column records are not coming, those column value is coming as blank. In 1st button collection is inserting all records which suppose to work in 2nd button too.

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