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Yet another delegation/Filter() question

Okay, I'm trying to understand this.  Say I have a 'Team' Dataverse table with a 'Team Name' key, and then a 'Team Member' table with 'Team Name' as a lookup on 'Team.Team Name'.  If I create a dropdown of team names, then create a gallery of members when a team name is selected via:



Filter('Team Member', 'Team Name' = TeamName_Dropdown.SelectedText.Value)



... I get the much-adored delegation warning.


I see here that lookup columns don't seem to be delegable, but...


1) WHY?  In an SQL-based database, "select * from team_member where team_name = ?" is a common pattern, and if team_member.team_name is a foreign key, it's going to indexed and very quick.  I get that Dataverse may not be SQL-based, but I am flummoxed why filtering on a foreign key (effectively) is a penalty rather than a benefit.


2) What's the best practice here from a database-design standpoint?  I could maintain a "shadow" column that mirrors the lookup column and filter on that, but yuck.  Should I make the lookup column of 'Team Member' the Guid of 'Team' and just leave 'Team.Team Name' free-floating?  That's how I would do it in an SQL database, just with the foreign key being integer rather than UUID4.


Thanks!  This is a little frustrating.


EDIT: I see that you apparently can't create a Guid-type column in 'Team Member' to link to 'Team'.  So I could use an auto-number column in 'Team' ('Team.Id' I guess) and do a lookup column 'Team Member.Team_Id' and then do the free-floating 'Team.Team Name' thing.  But if that's the best practice, it seems like Dataverse is intrinsically non-normalizable; with SQL I could do "select as team_name, as team_member_name from team, team_member where team.team_id = ? and team_member.team_id = team.team_id" and everything would be nice and fast... and normalized.  But am I out of luck with that sort of thing here?

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Hello, @beejo, What do you have in the Items Property of the TeamName_Dropdown?




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