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Helper I
Helper I

editable grid not work in the system "Active XXXX" view of custom entity

Hi everybody,


I do everything said by the MS DOC about adding editable grid to model driven app.

But when my custom table "Book" shows the records in the "Active Book" view which is the default view when click the entity name in the left navigation var, it is not a editable grid. But if I change the view to "test" view that I created, it becomes to a editable grid.

And if I use editable grid on "systemuser" table, it always display editable grid even in the default "enabled user" view.

Could the "Active Book" view be a editable view too?


Thanks !


- sukie


Helper I
Helper I

I notice that it showes editable grid with a groupby dropdown list : 




and when it shows readonly grid, the group by list disappears.




 They are two different view of the same entity "Father".

Why this happened ?....

Hi @sukie,

The group by drop down only comes with the editable grid and not available for the read-only grid, which is why is disappears. The editable and read-only grid is not configured per view but per entity/table. The switch between the editable or read-only, in the command bar (aka ribbon aka menu) click on "Show As", then select desired grid type:




Hope this helps!



Hi @EricRegnier ,


Thank you very much for you reply !

I already thought no one can answer this question ... Thank you.


As you said, the editable grid is not configured per view but per entity/table.

So I configured the Father entity to editable grid, but when I click the link "Fathers" in the navigator bar of model driven app, by default It shows me the "active fathers" view and it is not editable.



And if I change the view to "test" view, it becomes to be editable.



Of course if I select the Show As menu I can change the "active Fathers" view to be editable.

Only the Father entity has this problem, and if I configure other entity to be editable, they will show the "active XXX" view as editable view on first click.

I wonders if there are some settings to set a view to be read-only by default ?


Best Regards,


- sukie




Hi @sukie, sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, there's no settings to set a view as read-only by default. The other thing you can try is to set a default view (ithin Maker portal and/or to pin a view as your (personal) default opening view (the little pin icon next to the view name in the dropdown):



More details to set a default view for everyone:

Helper I
Helper I

hi   @EricRegnier 


Thank you very much !

But it can not solve my problem so it can't be Accepted as Solution.

I think it's another bug I found in Power Apps. If no more other solution I consider to open a ticket to report this bug.

Thanks !


Best Regards,


- sukie

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