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Helper II
Helper II

model-driven app create chart with sum from lookup or choice value?

Hi all,

Beginner question.

I have a table with a column that I have configured as a choice, the choice values are numbers.


Now I want to make a chart based on the sum of the values in this column.


I can't work out how to do this as only get the option to "count". I'm assuming as Sum is greyed out they are stored as text or something?


I also tried to change this to a lookup column to another table with a number value, but still Sum is greyed out.


I've watched a few youtube tried searching for documentation, but can't find anything on how to do anything slightly more complex with charts other than count.


How can I get Sum working?

Anyone point me to some good documentation on using ModelDriven app Charts?



Helper I
Helper I

Not sure how graphs work, but you could convert the choice to a whole number in a new column, either with business rules or with the in preview power fx columns

Helper V
Helper V

@sossie07 Your value is already a number, why dont you create the field as whole number? You might get sum option if it is whole number type.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Choice(s) is its own (complex) datatype it is not a Number datatype and so it will not Sum in the Chart.  Your options would be to either:

  • Create a Number field and then write a plugin to copy the number value from the Choice to that field, or
  • You  could do it in Power BI - but this option possibly does not fit what you need

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