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Resolver II

table of Task templates?

In my model driven app there are numerous (and growing) occasions when the value of a choice field should trigger the creation of a/some task/s. The number of different kinds of tasks is also growing at a high rate. For example,


  1. A user fills out a risk assessment form (entity).
  2. Her answer to question B is "no". Because it is "no", a task to "do safety check" will be created and assigned to the user.
  3. Her answer to question H is "high". That triggers the creation of a task to "do legal search" which is assigned to the Legal Dept. team.
  4. Her answer to question J is "common". That triggers the same flow as in step 2, but it is aborted because it already ran for this entity.
  5. etc.

I have this pattern happening not only in the risk assessment form, but also in many other unrelated forms. The "beat it to death" solution is to build a new flow for every field that requires monitoring and trigger the flow when that field changes. But since all those flows would be creating Task objects with different field settings (Subject, Regarding, To, Description, etc.), this strikes me as inefficient and difficult to maintain.


What I'd like to do is create a Task Template table. The fields might be something like:

  • table
  • field
  • triggering value (e.g. "no")
  • Subject
  • To
  • From
  • Owner
  • Due date
  • check for existing task flag

And then create one flow that monitored my entities according to the content of the Task Template table, triggering and creating Tasks as required.



  • is this a reasonable approach in Power Platform?
  • if it is, how do I trigger my flow? Do I still have to set up a "container" flow for each field I want monitored and let the container flow call the real flow as a child process?
  • if it isn't a good approach, is there a standard way of handling dynamic and dependent to-do lists in Power Platform?



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