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what column type to reference unique IDs?


surely a beginner's question, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. 

I want to make a table column (in table A) that references another table's (B which is a standard table) unique id.  This can be seen as a 1:1 relationship. 

There is no column type for Unique IDs selectable. What has to be used? Text ??

Or has it to be done via 1:N relations? 



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

There is no 1:1 relationship in DataVerse.  1:N relationships are defined by creating a field that is a Lookup (selecting the Parent entity as its type) on the Child entity (behind the scenes DataVerse use the Parent records internal GUID to set the foreign key - the Lookup - on the child).


You can mimic a 1:1 by doing a 1:N (lookup on Child) and then another N:1 (on the Parent), then when Child is created also populate the Lookup on the Parent (usually via Workflow or a Plugin), you can also enforce the 1:1 e.g. Workflow or Plugin that fails the create of a Child if the Parent's lookup already contains data (there is also more that can be done - but this is probably enough to get started).

Super User
Super User

Hi @Andreas_S1 


There is no standard behavior called 1:1.


If you are referencing with lookup then it is called 1:N Relationship that will be mapped with GUID values


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