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Community Corner 12: Templates/Blog Authors/Spotlight(Community Threads)



I have received some news about a couple of fresh Flow templates that I'd like to share! New Flow templates are constantly being created, submitted, and approved. Some are made by Microsoft employees and some are made and submitted by users just like you! Templates are a great way to get started with using Microsoft Flow in ways that other (and in most cases many) Flow users have deemed appropriate! So let's get into some details about the new templates I'll be sharing with you.


This Flow template connects with five different services to offer you a streamlined vendor onboardin...


Connect with this Flow template to notify a Microsoft Teams notification with new SalesForce leads o...


Receive a weekly win announcement email for opportunities won in Dynamics 365 with this Flow templat...


I hope you can get some use for your business processes out of one of these awesome Microsoft Flow templates. Stay tuned for more featured Flow template and connector updates and releases! 


Microsoft Flow Community Blog Authors


It is time again that I reach out to all of you readers and Microsoft Flow users to find out if any of you feel compelled to become an author for this wonderful Community Blog! Whether you have been working with Flows for a while now or you're just a beginner who's made their first couple of Flows and you feel that you have created something useful to share that could be useful to the users of Flow and the readers of this blog page, please reach out to me and let me know what you'd like to share! Once you've reached out to me and shared with me your first article's content, it will be approved for publication and I will grant your Microsoft Flow Power User account with Flow Community Blog Author permissions and you can start writing asap! There have been so many new authors lately, I am so proud of all the Community Members who have stepped up with their Flows and Flow information to write and share with the rest of the community in a community blog article. 


There are two ways that you can reach out to me in order to get more information about writing for the Microsoft Flow Community Blog and becoming an author:


- Via my Microsoft Email Address:

- Via Microsoft Flow Community DM


Spotlight (Community Threads)


For all of you new users reading this section, please notice that the original poster of the thread has clicked "Accepted as Solution" on the reply to the thread that they had seen most fit to solve their issue. This is a crucial step in building a truly supportive community where users can look for answers and expect to find them relatively quickly and without getting a headache while doing it! If the issue in your thread has been resolved and the solution was posted as a response to the thread, please click "Accept as Solution" so that other users will see the correct answer immediately when they click on your thread.


All of that being said, I'd like to highlight some of the most useful threads that I've seen lately within the Flow Community:


Flow Ideas

Serge Luca (a.k.a. Dr. Flow) has submitted an idea that has many votes and will add a Flow action to...


General Flow Discussion

Scott Shearer helped a user with the formatting and converting of time zones in this thread.


Connecting to Data

This user made me proud when they came back to post the solution to their own issue and then accept ...


The information within these threads is hopefully of use to some of you reading this article! These articles are also all excellent examples of users getting the real help they need from other users. This kind of behavior is what will help this community continue to grow and strive. You are all just as well a part of maintaining this place as me, the manager. This place wouldn't be the awesome resourceful place that it is without the contributions from all of YOU!! So again, I thank all of you..



I hope you are all enjoying my weekly Community Corner Articles, and if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback please make sure to let me know in the comments!!


As always, thanks for reading!!



Microsoft Flow Community Manager







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