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Community Corner 30: Becoming a Flow Community Blog Author/Community Blog Topic Suggestion Board

Do YOU want to become a Microsoft Flow Community Blog Author?!


Have you ever read a piece of valuable content on the Microsoft Flow Community Blog?! If yes, then it is serving its

purpose! You might not realize it, but MOST of the people who write awesome articles for the Microsoft Flow

Community Blog are actually regular community members like you! These people are not all experts at Microsoft

Flow. In fact, we've had a few community blog articles posted by Flow beginners in the past. To become a Flow

Community Blog author, you simply have to have some useful Flow-related information or a Flow-related

transformation story to share with the community.


How did they become Flow Community Blog Authors? These authors have all reached out to me via Community

message and requested to be given special Community Blog Author Permissions that allow them to write as many

Flow Community blog articles as they want! Then your community administrator (Me) will schedule them for

publishing on our usual publishing dates of Tuesday & Thursday Mornings @10 AM PST!!


Some great reasons to join the amazing group of Flow Community Blog Authors!

  • An awesome way to regularly give back to the greater Flow Community
  • Special shout-outs on the Official Microsoft Flow Twitter Account
  • Build notoriety and become known among thousands of Flow Community members
  • Access to writing/drafting Flow Community Blog Articles at any time

------->Request Flow Community Blog Author permission Here!<---------


Flow Community Blog Topic Suggestion Board


If you haven't yet had a chance to see the Flow Community Blog Topic Suggestion Board yet, please go have a look!

We have created this board specifically so that our dedicated group of Community Blog authors can see the topics

that our Community members want to read & learn about! It works just like the Flow Ideas board in the way that you

may post, vote, and comment on idea threads and the Community Blog Authors will update the status of the idea as

they "Claim" the blog article topics by changing the status and begin writing the article, as well as post the article's

URL once it is published to the Flow Community Blog


Also, this new board will create some excellent opportunities for Flow community members to step up and become

authors for the Flow Community Blog! If you see an article topic suggestion that you can write about but it

hasn't been "Claimed" by one of our community blog authors, you can write me a message requesting

Community Blog Author access and write the article yourself! I think that a big part of why people don't step

up to write instructional blog articles is because they are worries no one will read it or find use from it, so this board

will be an excellent way of ensuring that the content will have value to at least some people who've voted on it before

you even write it!


Feel free to reach out to me with any Flow Community questions & comments! 😁 


Thanks for reading! 


Microsoft Flow Community Manager

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  • Michelle is an Office 365 solution architect in Twin Cities, MN. She has been delivering business collaboration solutions for years with her focus on SharePoint and Office 365. Michelle is a recent board member of the Minnesota Office 365 User Group and has been a member of the SharePoint community since 2009. She is a frequent speaker at MNSPUG and SharePoint Saturday and co-chaired the Legal SharePoint User Group for 4 years. Her most frequent projects have involved rolling out a large deployment of Office 365, SharePoint Online intranet, build of a "CHAMPS" Office 365 user adoption program and most recently, SharePoint On-Premise to Online Migration. Michelle is very excited about cloud technology as it is shifting her IT Pro focus to collaboration strategy and technical adoption.
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