Flic and Microsoft Flow - Taking Flows into the physical world with Flic buttons!

by Community Manager on ‎07-31-2017 10:12 AM

In a recent blog post written by the Flic.io team they talk about testing out their new product The Flic Hub and about how you can now connect Flic buttons without the need to pair to a smart phone.


Here are a few standout sections from the article about Microsoft Flow:


Instead of developing features for each idea that we had, (which we yet didnt know would be attractive or not), we made the Hub compatible with Microsoft Flow, the latest contribution to automated workflows. Only by integrating Microsoft Flow, we could easily enable 100+ services for the Hub.



Flow allowed us to to be agile and test almost any request coming in from our sales pipe, without losing speed on our overall roadmap for the Hub.


The article then goes on to talk about a real world test scenario where the Flic team deployed a hub, a series of buttons and then connected the actions all with Microsoft Flow. 


One of the first live pilots we did was at Berghs School of Communications graduation show, AddX. We placed Beta hubs strategically on three different floors and set up Flic buttons in proximity to various exhibitions. Visitors interactions with the buttons were captured in a Google Sheet through Microsoft Flow and linked to a Dashboard where the organizers could follow the visitors feedback.

We recorded more than 1000 interactions over the 3-day event, and we received a lot of constructive input from both visitors and the organizers.



To read the rest of the post head on over the Flic blog and check it out! 


Flow is helping Flic reach new scalability extremely quickly. Do you have hardware that you want to connect to Flow? check out our blog post on that topic Here  and also, some of our templates related to Physical buttons!


Want to read more on Physical buttons and Microsoft Flow? Check out one of our latest community blog posts from Daniel Christian


Have a cool idea on how Flic buttons can be used in real world situations? Leave us a comment below!

by yoshihirok
on ‎08-04-2017 12:33 AM


I want to kick a lot of physical buttons for starting our flow for business without connecting phone.

Flic, Flic Hub and Microsoft Flow is very nice.

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