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Flow Resources List

Hello Flow Fans!

Often times people ask me for resources to aid them or their customers in learning how to use Microsoft Flow. Below is a set of links that I have curated to help Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced users as they take the Flow journey with us!


Please let me know if you think anything is missing or should be added!


I am a beginner on Flow, Help me get started.

Introductory Video - What is Microsoft Flow 

The Microsoft Flow Website - (Register + Sign in) - Flow Home Page 

Microsoft Flow Guided Learning - (Videos that teach you the basics) - Guided Learning Page

Flow Product Overview with Demos - 1 Hour Video

Ready made Microsoft Flow Templates - Start with a Template

Build your first Flow - Follow this Guide

Register For & Use the Flow Community - Sign up here


I am Intermediate with Flow, Help me learn more.

Browse Ignite 2017 Videos - On-Demand Sessions

Learn more from How-to videos in the Flow Webinar and Video Gallery

Learn more from Jon L's YouTube Series - PNWAdventureGuy Videos

Learn how to architect higher quality Flows - Check out the Flow Cookbook

Learn to think through how to build intermediate Flows - Post from MVP Pieter Veenstra

Browse Documentation - Fill in the gaps of what you know

Troubleshoot Flow Errors - Follow this guide

Follow The Flow Blog - Blog Link | Flow Template for Blog Updates

Connector Docs - Learn about connectors

Learn to create an on-boarding Flow - With PDF Signatures & O365 Account Creation

Getting Started with the Workflow definition language - Learn WDL

Getting started with expressions - How to use Flow Expressions


I am an Expert on Flow, Show me the most advanced learning.

Learn more with the MiddleWare Friday Series - The Middleware Friday Video Series

Learn to craft expressions - The Logic Apps Workflow definition library

Create a custom connector - Custom Connector Documentation

Embdding Flow in your website - Integrate Flow with your website

Advanced Flow Blogs - Flow of the week | Advanced Tutorials

Contribute Feedback on Features & Use - Flow Feedback

Use Flow to send photos and audio from PowerApps - Watch the video

Calling long processes from Flow | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Run on premises PowerShell from Flow - Read the blog from Serge Luca

Calling web services from Flow - Read the blog from Pieter Veenstra

Using Flow as a Proxy - To display PDF's inside PowerApps


I am an Admin, Show me how to govern my environments

Introduction to the Admin Center - Learn how to govern Flow in your tenant

Using Environments - Understand how to use Environments 

Learn to administer DLP - Understand how to prevent data loss

Data Groups - Learn how to use data groups

New Connectors in your Environment - Get notified when new connectors enter your environment

Flow Audit Log - Flow events now in the O365 Security & Compliance Center

Accessing Flow audits from O365 - Follow the guide


I use SharePoint, show me how to use Flow and SharePoint together

SharePoint Triggers - Read the blog

SharePoint Actions - Read the blog

Manipulating Files in SharePoint - Read the blog

Migrate from SPWFD (SharePoint Workflow Designer) to Flow - Read the blog


Show me how other customers are using Microsoft Flow

Ignite 2017 Session - VNSHS Customer Story

Ignite 2017 Session - Linde Oil & Gas Company

Ignite 2017 Session - Metro Bank 

Ignite 2017 Session - Bizzy Bot

Customer Story - Sulava helps its mobile workforce get organized with Flow

Customer Story - North State Grocer Saves big money by using Microsoft Flow

Community Contributions - How the Community is using Flow


Connect with Flow experts on Social Media & Read their blogs

Daniel Christian - Blog | Twitter

Melissa Hubbard - Blog | Twitter

John Liu - Blog | Twitter

Serge Luca - Blog | Twitter

Sandy Ussia - Blog | Twitter

Pieter Veenstra - Blog | Twitter

Paul Culmsee - Blog | Twitter

Fausto Capellan Jr - Blog | Twitter

The Flow Community - Community Blog | Flow Twitter

The Flow Community Twitter List - created by the Bizzy bot team


And there it is! A pretty big list of good learning materials and how-to guides! 

Did we miss anything? Are you a Flow expert and want to be included in the list? Let us know what to add by leaving a comment below, posting in the community, or hitting us up on Twitter!

Until next time!

- Jon


P.S - Want to never miss another Microsoft Flow Blog Post - Use This Flow Template

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