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Comm Corner Logo.pngHey Flow Fans! In this week's Community Corner I will aim the spotlight at the "Flow Ideas" board and give you a detailed run-down on how to get the most value out of it. Then I'll show you some links to the most valuable and information-packed articles that have recently posted to the Flow Product Blog. Then last but not least, I'll serve up a few links to some hot Flow Ideas that you just might fancy to place a vote on. Enjoy!


Level: Powered On


In the coming days you have a meeting with technical people about PowerShell and would like to start with a survey to get an idea of the knowledge about PowerShell of the people in the room. Putting hands in the air is old school … No?



Level: Powered On

Ever needed to do something in Flow which there isn't already provided in an existing action? Very often there are packages out there, that we could use to extend our flow with more functionality.


In the second part of this series, we will complete our sample, by connecting our extension to Flow.


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