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How often do you receive the same templated HR forms, Invoices or Purchase Order forms every month? Are you spending hours manually copying that information into your HR or accounting systems? Wouldn't it be great if one could just choose the various fields of information you needed from these PDFs and then extract every one of them automatically, everytime you receive a copy?


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This blog walks you through how you can use the two attached templates to build your own mobile PowerApp as a central place to post comments to Facebook, Slack, Twitter and Yammer. The three attachments includes a MSAPP file for the PowerApp, zipped file for Flow and STP file for SharePoint. The 'SocialMedia.ZIP' file contains the MSAPP and STP files. Hence you will have to unzip that file. Leave the '' as it is and import it in Flow. The steps described in this article must be followed in the precise order to get the final app as desired.