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This two and one half minute video introduces a new kind of knowledge worker, a learning worker


What you see in the video is an intelligent application that is made from technologies that are available today from Microsoft.  Its easy to see how these new intelligent apps can be made from Microsoft's Flow, Cognitive Services, and PowerApps.  However, if you build it -- will they come?  Just developing a cool new inteliigent app is not enough -- organizations will have to change the way they work to see the full benefits of these new intelligent applicaitons.


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Dude, where's my car? is a movie about some dudes, who after a night of mischief, lost their car. Don't lose your car, ever again with the click of a Flow app button on your mobile device, your GPS location is stored. Upon completion a notification is sent to your device, complete with a link to provide step by step directions back to your car. 


Flow now provides the abiliity to capture GPS location from your mobile device using a Flow button. Together with Flows already growing capability, store location back to SharePoint, AND show the last location using a PowerBI map; something that can be easily accomlished in under 10 minutes, no code required.


Super User
Super User

There are many situations with Microsoft Flow where we need non standard features, and as developer  I am way too often tempted to jump on the custom api and to create my custom Azure function or Azure Web API to provide exactly what I need. If all you have is a hammer everything will look like a nail…


Using the hammer can be overkill so let’s add another tool to our (Flow) toolbox.


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