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As a marketer, one of the most tedious business processes is dealing with all of the people that submit forms on a website. 


Here's how we integrated our website's forms with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and even further optimized this process with decision-making, email-follow ups, and more. 


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As a Chartered Tax Advisor & Chartered Accountant I am often put in a position where I am asked a question but without more information I am unable to provide an answer. My answer typically would be "Yes, I can absolutely help you with that issue, however I need to know" and then proceed to outline a comprehensive list of information requests with accompanying reasoning why each item is required before I can finalise my tax analysis. This can be quite reptitive since many customers fall into common types of tax issues. 

With Microsoft Flow I demonstrate how we can make this process much more easier and be more engaged with our clients. 


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