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General Security - User login

I would like to get a better understanding of the security features (and potential configurations) for the PowerApps mobile App.


Scenario : A user opens the PowerApps mobile App and logs in using the organisational credentials (username + password). All the Apps shared with the user appear in PowerApps and the user can start interacting with the underlying data (e.g. SharePoint lists).


Questions :

  1. How long does the user remain logged in? (is the user required to login after a certain time period?) 
  2. Can we lock the mobile app with a code as is possible for the OneDrive for Business mobile App ("require password setting")? (e.g. if the phone/tablet is found we can still prevent that a third party can log into PowerApps?)
  3. Is data stored locally on the device (e.g. due to offline synchronization) encrypted?


Thanks in advance,


Kind Regards,