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PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices



I have published an PowerApps app which is currently being used successfully, but I am experiencing a rather annoying issue. When I make any changes to the app, save and publish it, none of my users receive the update unless the tap the refresh button a few times before launching the app within PowerApps. I have published an update, waited 24 hours, and then loaded the app on my iPhone 7+ only for it to be the old version.. so I have to go back to the main screen, click the refresh button a few times, and then open the app. At that point it will say "downloading..." and then I can see the changes I have made.


I should *not* have to instruct my users to tap the refresh button several times before launching the app in PowerApps in order to ensure they have the latest version of the app. This is completely unacceptable and needs to be resolved as soon as possible.


I have closed PowerApps completely, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled PowerApps, and this issue still occurs when I have published an update to the app. It should download the latest version of the app the moment they tap to load it, or at least check to make sure they're on the latest version and then download the latest if they are not.


What can I do to resolve this?

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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices


I can confirm that issue and is there sice I started with PA.. Nothing has been done with it since

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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices

It's just completely unacceptable to call this product innovative when it can't even get the basics down right. Microsoft needs to get their act together and fix this. I am going to be managing multiple PowerApps apps and I should not have to instruct my userbase to tap a refresh button every time I publish an update.

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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices

I just started with PowerApps and it seems this issue is still present. Have you found a work around?

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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices

I am having exactly the same issue.  I test something in my dev and it is all working so I publish it to test as a user andd it fails or does nothave the update etc.


I agree - this is unacceptable. Hopefully someone is monitoring this forum and can answer what is going on. I also have an open call where I will raise it also.

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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices

Same here..Microsoft please resolve this issue asap
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Re: PowerApps App Publish Update Not Syncing with Devices

Hi All,


I have the same issue but have been able to implement a solution to ensure users always have the latest app on their mobile. Until Microsoft implement a permanent fix.


Issue statement: when a new version of the app is published mobile users have to the perform the following steps to get latest version of the app;


1) Close the app

2) Re-open the app

3) Close the app

4) Re-open the app 




A) Create a new data source (in this case a Sharepoint list) for Version control (mine is called 'Version ControlSmiley Wink and add the Datasource to your app. Create a single line text column called VersionNumber. The list by default already has a field called Title. 

B) Create a new record in your new list with the following input in two fields. Field 'Title' = Version, Field  'VersionNumber' = 2 (or whatever version number you would like to use)

C) Edit your app and on the 'OnVisible' property of your start page add the following;

i) set a variable for your version number;

ii) use an If statement Lookup to your new data source to check that your version matches the record you created in the data source. In my example I look for a record where the field 'Title' = Version and the field VersionNumber = 2

iii) If the version matches then make the if statement use Notify() to let the user know that they have the latest version. If the version does not match make the if statement display a text box with a message telling the user there is a new version and that the app needs to be closed - and giving the user no option but to press OK. i.e. Clicking OK closes the app 'Exit()' and it uses variables to make the text box visible and everything else invisible.

Here is an example of my OnVisible property for the start page.

Set(Version, "2"); UpdateContext({MainScreenContent: true}); If(LookUp('Version Control', Title = "Version",VersionNumber = Version), Notify("Welcome, you have the latest version of the app"), UpdateContext({VersionMessage: true}) & UpdateContext({UpdateAppBrowse2:false}))

D) When the above is in place for all users of the app you now have control to ensure they are always using the latest app. So from now on, before publishing a new version of your app first change your 'Version' variable in the app to the new version i.e. 'Set(Version, "3")' and update the record in your new datasource to reflect the new version i.e. Go back to the record you created and change the field  'VersionNumber' from 2 to 3.



E) Now, when the user opens the app and it's not the latest version it will force them to close the app and re-open it until the latest version is being used.


Attached is a photo of what the user will see if they don't have the latest version of the app. 


F) Of course, users normally have the app open in the background, especially on mobile handsets. You can get around this by setting up a timer control to periodically perform the Lookup function so that the message forcing an update is displayed when the user next uses the app, and the timer expires. 



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