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Problem with Update on SQL SERVER table

Hi everyone.

Today is my third days on powerapps. Sorry for the question but i don't find nothing can help me.

I be able to insert new record on a sql server table, but when i tried to update make an errors

I tried with Update and UpdateIf command but no way.

The table has a Id incremental and primary key


this is a sintax of UpdateIf 

UpdateIf('[dbo].[CheckInOut]';ID=GA_Clienti.Selected.idCheck;{DataCheckIn = Text(MDataCheckIn)})


and this of Update

Update('[dbo].[CheckInOut]';First(Filter('[dbo].[CheckInOut]';GA_Clienti.Selected.idCheck = ID) );{ DataCheckIn:Text(MDataCheckIn)})


I've read the Microsoft manual but i dont' find nothing. I don't understand the reason o this problem

Thanks in advance for your help and patience