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Level 8

Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)


My PowerApp executes a Flow, which notifies some people.

Two strings will be submitted. One to start with the right list-entry and one to display a message.


That worked until last week!

Now the iOS App will constantly load at the startscreen and don´t get further. Since the Windows 10 PowerApp is also able to receive Notifications, it works there Smiley Surprised


My Flow Parameter:


  "IdToSelect": "123",
  "SubjectText": "This is my text, to be displayed!"

My PowerApp OnStart-Trigger:


If the parameter is passed, I´ll directly navigate to the DetailScreen, which DetailForm has this Item:

If(!IsBlank(ID);LookUp('[dbo].[Entries]';StartsWith(No; ID));BrowseGallery1.Selected)

I´ve noticed that something changed with the loading/startup-functionality. It seemst that not all screens are being loaded. I thought it is related to that. So I sent an additional Email parallel to the notification.

This Mail contains a Hyperlink, which submits the parameter within the URL:,+to+be+displayed+&appId=%2fproviders%2fMicrosoft.PowerApps%2fapps%XXXXXX-XXX-XX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX

Suprisingly, that worked! On Windows and iOS.


In summary: Submitting parameter via push notification does not work on iOS anymore.

Microsoft Employee

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Hi Thomas,


Would it be possible for you to share a session ID from a launch that works and another that doesn't? This will help us to narrow down the issue for you.




Level 8

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Hello @Michael,


I´d like to provide the session ID´s. But I don´t know how to do so. Smiley Sad


There is a Button in my App, which executes a Flow. The Flow sends a Notification (Currently just to myself).

It will be received once on my iPhone and three times on my Win10 PC.


When I onclick the Notification, the App will be started on both devices. Not the Browser, where I could see the ID.

Including the ID inside of the App somehow, might work on Win10, but not on iOS, due to the fact it will not pass the Start-Icon (Loading forever).

If you can help me out, I surely provide you any helpfful information!


Thanks for your support!


Microsoft Employee

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Hi @Thomas,


For the Windows 10 app, you can find your session ID by clicking on your name in the top right and then on "Session details" under Diagnostics.


For iOS tapping on the hamburger menu in the top left and then "Session details" under Help will likewise give you a session ID.


When you describe iOS hanging, is that the specific app that you are trying to launch hanging during startup or is it PowerApps as a whole hanging? If it is the former, you can swipe from the left side of the screen to close the app and get to the session details.


Lastly, you mentioned some potential issues with not all of the screens being loaded. Can you check for the app you are trying to launch if the experimental feature "Delayed load" is enabled? You can find this by opening the app for editing and then going to the File menu and clicking on "App settings". Under Experimental features is a toggle switch for the "Delayed load" feature. If this is enabled, you can try disabling it, saving the app and publishing it to see if that is the source of your issue.






Level 8

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Hello @Michael,



allright, now I got it!

The Session ID is within the main PowerApp and not in the executing, custom App itself!

Windows 10 - working:

Sitzungs-ID: aa972290-4db5-612a-b0f5-a07565ca82ed
PowerApps 2.0.720

iOS 11 - not working:

Sitzungs-ID: 095f0138-8b07-87b5-8015-da18dba65569


PowerApps is fine, my custom App will be downloaded after a change, executed and my App Logo appears with the moving dots.

The endlessloop only appears opening it by a notification with parameters. Else it will start a second later.


The mentioned experimental feature is OFF.

But I can explain what was changed to me: When I submitted a parameter, I´ve filtered the BrowserGallery in the main list, but started the detail view with BrowserGallery.Selected. That stopped working, so I changed it to the approach I described in the first Post.


I hope the ID´s help! Thank you,


Microsoft Employee

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Thanks for the session IDs! You also mentioned that on iOS, you were able to get everything working with a direct URL, bypassing the push notification. Are you able to share a session ID for this case as well?




Level 8

Re: Push Notification with parameter stopped working (iOS)

Hello Michael,


opening the PowerApp sucessfully via URL on iOS:


Sitzungs-ID: ea03da85-f4f2-a03a-f1a1-4f4fcf7840f4



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