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Custom data connection for QnA Maker


This video blog (vBlog) is an extension of Karthik Bharathy's 'PowerBots - Creating smart apps with PowerApps and Microsoft Bots'. This vBlog focus on the following three topics

  1. QnA - Creating a new service in QnA and also provides the URL for making the POST call. This is where we get the subscription key as well.
  2. POSTMAN - Building a custom JSON file using POSTMAN. I recommend signing up, downloading and installing the desktop application.
  3. PowerApps - Create the custom connector in PowerApps.






This article focus on building the connection and creating Bots using PowerApps only. For building a web interface Bot you can use Microsoft's BOT Framework (Preview) or Azure Bot Service.


Would you please share the documentation for how to create the APP

Hi Darogael, i need the last step in details  Please 

Hi there, I'm still struggeling with the PowerApp as such.

The submit button returns an error "The collection does not accept item of this type".

Hovering the "First" command, says it would have some invalid arguments:




Could someone please explain how this command line gets the answer from the Connector?

Connector name is "QaA2" in this example.

Thank you!


OK, Problem solved!

My mistake was the PowerApps.QaA2  command. Got it now.


we have followed your steps but still getting the below error . 


"error": {
"code": "Unspecified",
"message": "Access denied due to invalid subscription key. Make sure you are subscribed to an API you are trying to call and provide the right key."


Kindly revert ASAP

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