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PowerApps Mentorship Awards 2018 - Live Jan 7th, 2019 - Nominees

PowerApps Mentorship Awards will be live online on January 7th, 2019 (11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern). Hope to see you there! 

Here are the nominees: 

Community Mentor:

Dr Eric Rypins (DrrickRyp)

Shane Young (ShanesCows)

Tim Leung (TimL)


Social Innovation: 

Paul and Ashlee Culmsee

Vivek Bavishi 

April Dunnam


Exceptional Advocacy Award:

Keith Whatling

Anton Robbins


PUG Leadership:

US: Daniel Christian

UK: Keith Whatling

Netherlands: Daniel Laskewitz


Corporate User Group Facilitation:

Ludovic Malondra Favorite Apps (1 for each of us): j-kodama


Hiroaki Nagao h-nagao


Antoinette (KickingApps)


Watch Here:


Just for the record for "PUG Leadership": Norway = The Netherlands Robot Happy

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