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Advice on Going Live with PowerApp Application

Hi Community,

I have written a  two part voting app that will be potentially used by 8,000 + employees worldwide. I need guidance on how to deploy the app with minimum issues and to ensure it rolls out smoothly.

Some of my concerns are:

1.Internet latency with SharePoint online - I worry that the amount of data being ported over to the site list will overwhelm the application given the number of users.

2.I am not quite clear on how the EU and US environments are different and if it will affect any notations unique in each environment.

3. I worry about permissions of the application for "visitors" of the site. At the moment the application is based on a subsite of a SharePoint site because it is meant to be used primarily used by that group.


Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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Re: Advice on Going Live with PowerApp Application


I work for a company with ~250 employees in two states, and not 8000+ in two continents, so take this for what it's worth.


  1. I would be very concerned about 8000 employees using an app built on Sharepoint.  I would look into Azure SQL as a databse and if you need to list/store/move files Azure Blob Storage.  You can start cheaply and ramp up performance as needed.
  2. Definitely not my area, but I would recommend reading into the various data redundancy and replication options for Azure SQL.  Alternatively, you could probably set up some sort of replication between cheaper databases in the two countries.

I'm not really sure about #3.  I know that Security can be a tricky thing when it comes to Sharepoint sites, and your immediate plan is to use Sharepoint lists.  I've talked with a Sharepoint dev enough to be a little concerned there.  I don't think you need to worry about visitors accessing the PowerApp itself, though.