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Flownaut (Super User) Nomination Requirements

Hey Flow Fans!

Here is the documentation explaining the details and specifying how YOU could become nominated to become a Microsoft Flow Community Super User!  (a.k.a. Flownaut!) It's no secret that our awesome Flow Online Community is growing. And over the past 2 years, as a whole, we have all really formed what it means to be a contributing member of the Flow Online Community. Along with that, our top-contributing community members have really shown what it means to give back to this growing community in a hugely meaningful way. When creating Super User program itself and then the nomination requirements, we feel it's also necessary to mention what it really means to be a Flow Community Super User (Flownaut). 

Achieving this is truly not an easy accomplishment. This title is reserved for only those who are constantly displaying their commitment and dedication to this online community by being here during any time that they can spare to help answer new questions being posted and to help find solutions. Community members who are titled Flownauts are the few and the proud that have enough room in their big hearts and their busy schedules to come to the Flow community as often as they can to be there for the place that has been there for them so many times before. Offering your time and attention to help others learn out of the goodness of your heart is an amazing feeling, and this is what makes a Flownaut. Read more about what it takes to be a Flownaut here.

All regular Microsoft Flow Community Members that are NOT a Microsoft Employee in any way are eligible to become a Microsoft Flow Community Super User ( Flownaut). Community contributions that count towards your Super User nomination are described but not limited to the following community contributions.

Achieving the required average contribution for at least THREE of the below requirements for at least TWO consecutive months will get you nominated to become a Super User! Once you are a Super User (Floawnaut), you are held to slightly different contributions requirements that will remain TOP SECRET, but I can tell you that it involves participating in our TOP SECRET Flownaut Missions that have excellent prizes!


Type of


Minimum #

Required for

Flownaut Nomination

Average Frequency of


Comm. Blog Articles



Comm. Videos Submitted



Flow Cook Book Submissions



Thread Replies



Kudos Received



Kudos Given



Solutions Authored



**These requirements are subject to change at any point. All Super User Nominees are subject to approval/rejection by FTE's of the Microsoft Flow Team. Please Contact Flow Community Manager ( with any questions about the Flow Community Super User (Flownaut) Nomination Process!**

So, now you know the amount of required average minimum contributions to become a Super User and you know the amount of passion and commitment that it takes to do so. Once you've achieved the required amount of contributions, I will send a message to your Flow community profile and you will be asked to join the Flownaut crew for the next three months! Now, I'd like to explain how when you can give back to the Flow Community at a rate that qualifies you as a Super User, the Flow Community will begin to give back to you in meaningful ways as well! Here are just some of the awesome special privileges that Microsoft Flow Community Flownauts are granted along with their Flownaut title:


  • Flownauts get an awesome Flownaut badge right in their Community Username!
  • Flownauts have extra permissions within the Community to Accept Solutions on any posts!
  • There's a Monthly Flownaut Meeting hosted by Me(Gabriel) where you get the first glance at Flow Community Updates
  • When Flownauts give "Kudos", they are worth 2 Kudos each!!
  • Flownauts participate in special Flownaut Missions that are chances to compete with other Flownauts for great prizes!
  • Flownauts get their own private discussion board within the Flow Community!

Every three months or so (depending on when Super User Missions are being held) the new round of nominations will be brought to the Super User monthly meeting and some of the new Super Users who've met the requirements will be carefully selected and on boarded!

Please reach out with any questions regarding the Super User requirements and the nomination process!


Happy Flowing!

Microsoft Power Automate Community Manager

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