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How to Launch to specific screen in powerapp?

Recently we had a requirement to launch different screens to different users depending upon the user issue.


User creates an issue and by using Microsoft Flow it processes the data and sends specific Powerapp's URL.


If the User Issue is A, when the user clicks on the Powerapp's URL, it has to launch Screen A.

If the User Issue is B, when the user clicks on the Powerapp's URL, it has to launch Screen B.


Here's how we have done that.


With in the Microsoft Flow when the User Issue Type is A then "&ScreenID=1" and if the User issue Type is B then "&ScreenID=2" is appending to the Powerapp URL.


With in powerapp, On start property of app write following formulae.


Switch(startScreen, "1", Navigate(Screen1),"2",Navigate(Screen2));

In the above formulae, we are reading the ScreenID parameter and depending upon its value, we are navigating to the corresponding screen.


Hope this helps someone who is looking for this.


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