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Licenses requirement for On-premises data gateway - Automatic Extension

I'm writing this post to express my deep frustrations with the lack of transparency and communication as you deploy new "features" throughout the Power platform. Based on this press release (, I understood that the On-Premise connector is becoming a premium feature, however, customers with active users of the connector would be provided with an automatic extension. As I have active users (and continue to actively rollout additional users) in my organization using the On-Premise connector, I reached out to your Microsoft Support team to validate that the automatic extension was applied to our account.


Based on the discussion I had with your Support staff, this automated extension is only being applied to E3 or above Office 365 licenses or above. This information is written nowhere in the press release or available anywhere else you actively communicate information. This is a profound lack of carelessness on behalf of your communication staff. I understand the financial implications of this decision - your group wants to drive overall revenue for your team by pushing customers onto either Azure or the PowerApps plans. I get that...the problem with your approach is not providing users with an adequate amount of time to explore their options. Your team has incredible engineers building a platform that might change the way enterprise applications are created. But decisions like this will drive away corporations that are looking at building sustainable, production-ready solutions. Large corporations cannot change servers or licensing for users on a whim. It takes time, effort, and resources to make such large scale changes that will impact infrastructure, headcount, and overall spend. I sure hope your management team can take this constructive feedback, gain some introspection, and learn from these types of mistakes that will drive away the exact type of customers you're trying to attract.

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Re: Licenses requirement for On-premises data gateway - Automatic Extension

I totally agree with this sentiment. I was horrified to discover the on-prem gateway is now a premium feature. It immediately prices just about every use case for it out of the market. It's just too expensive to license every user with PowerApps Plan1 just to get access to that.


I've built apps and flows that use the on-premises data gateway that are now junk and the time has been wasted, and the first I heard of it was when they stopped working for new users and I did some googling to find out what's going on.


Such a shame, because as you say the potential for the power platorm to disrupt the market is huge and it would be such a missed opportunity to be priced out of it. Might aswell go back to the traditional .NET developer for the apps and run them locally.