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New & Improved Badges

Exciting News: Brand new badges are coming to you!

After not making any changes to the current badges for quite a while, we decided it was time to revamp our current badges as well as to add new ones. The updated design will ensure that there is more consistency across our Power Platform communities: Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps.

Besides having a sleeker appearance, the new badge design is more accessibility compliant, so that all community members can enjoy them. The numbers on the badges referring to a count have been made larger, so that it is now much easier to see how many Kudos you have given or received, how often you have replied, what your solution count is, etc.


Not only are we redesigning the existing badges, but we are also slowly, over the next few weeks, rolling out badges for higher activity counts, such as 1,000 Kudos received, and brand-new anniversary badges to reflect for how long you’ve been a member of our community. This means that you can earn even more badges now.

1 year Anniversary.JPG

Whenever you unlock a new badge, you receive a notification. As we roll out new badges over the next few weeks, you may even earn badges based on your past community contributions! You will receive a notification for these, as well. Since we are releasing the redesigned and new badges in waves, you may receive multiple notifications, not just for brand new badges, but also for ones that you earned in the past too!


FYI, when I clicked on the read more link in your post it doesn’t show any text at all.  Just wanted to be helpful and let you know.

@mdevaney  - Thanks! I just fixed it.

Thanks for fixing @heather_italent.  I can't wait to get that nifty Birthday Cake Badge one day 🙂

Really nice @heather_italent !

Do you know if, in the future, the Power Virtual Agents will go out of Power Apps badge?

@renatoromao  - That is a great question.  I have not seen this yet.  I will keep my eye out for it.


Thank you for reaching out.



Thanks @heather_italent ! 🙂 


I see the new badges coming in! Very cool. I did notice, however, that there are now two 25th Solution badges as well as two 25th Kudos Received badges.

@EricLott  - Thanks for the heads up, they had just caught this earlier and just fixed.  Good timing!

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