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Numeric Keyboard

There is new functionality within PowerApps that will pull up a “numbers” only keyboard versus the full QWERTY keyboard based on the text input control type.  If the text input field is set to “number”, the number keyboard will come up, if it is “Text”, the QWERTY keyboard will come up.  This behavior is controlled by the “VirtrualKeyboard” setting for the field.  The three values are:  Auto, Text, and Numeric.  The default value for this feature is set to “Auto”.  As a result, if the input field was set to “Number”, the Numeric keyboard will come up, where before it was pulling up the QWERTY keyboard.  There is an issue with some tablets/phones in that the numeric keyboard will only contain numbers and not include a decimal point or negative (-) character.  If the functionality of your application has the need to capture decimals or negative numbers, this will cause a problem with your users.  One work around is to update all of the numeric field “VirtualKeyboard” settings to “Text” which will force the QWERTY keyboard to launch.  The other work around would be to install a third-party keyboard on the device.  If you have a lot of users, this would not be the best option.  If users need to enter decimals or negative numbers prior to a work around being put in place, the only option is to have them access the app via a web browser and use their physical keyboard to enter data in those fields.