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October 2020 | Power Platform Community Highlights

October was an amazing month in the Power Platform Communities!  Our users were very busy creating blogs, posting, and helping provide solutions. To make sure you're always up to date with the latest community happenings, be sure to subscribe to the Community News & Announcements board!

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Featured Community Members

We would like to recognize the top community contributors in each community. (Super Users & Non-Super Users) You may even see the same username twice here as some of our top users contribute to multiple communities. WOW! Check out their amazing contributions!  You are all Rock Stars!

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Super User Program Update

Are you familiar with the Power Platform Super User program? We would like to announce that the three Power Platform Super User programs are now being aligned to create a more synchronous community experience!   Some of you may see a roman numeral next to a Super User rank name. This means that the Super User has made it into the upper or middle Super User tier!  This helps signify where Super Users are in their journey of community contribution! 


New Features 

In October we had some great new features added to the communities:

1. Top Solutions Authored Leaderboard now appears at board level in the right rail of the community.




2.  The Users Online Widget, avatars will appear only at board level on the right rail of the community.

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3. Meet Our Blog Authors appears in the right rail.

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Need Help in the communities? 

Check out the Community Support Areas:

Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents


Power Apps Community Blog Articles for October:

Oct Power Apps User Group (virtual) Meetup: Getting Started with Power Apps and Creating Custom Conn... by @ggaccione 


Power Automate Community Blog Articles for October:

Create a dynamically-updating time counter in a list using Power Automate  by @Dr_Lee

Microsoft Power Automate: Multi-Level Approvals integrate with Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM  by @ShanmugaRaja

Emailing File Attachments from Forms with Power Automate  by @Pstork1

Trigger conditions - filling the information gap  by @michal

Power Automate - Format Phone Number Easy @Jcook


Power BI Community Blog Articles for October:

Organising Measures in Power BI  by @Pragati11

Important Links every Power BI enthusiastic should bookmark  by @Amitchandak


Extract Date Time From Texts In Several Scenarios  by @v-alq-msft

Highlight the decrease data  by @v-lianl-msft

Distributing/Allocating the Yearly Target (Convert to Daily Target) -Part 1 - New Table  by @amitchandak

Industrial historian data retrieval using Power BI by @neil_varnas_IP

Row Level Security with Admin Control Table  by @FarhanAhmed

Unable to connect to IBM DB2 from PBI Desktop  by @monaraya

How to get data color reference for Power BI from another PPT or Image  by @Varunjain3109

Power BI Order of Operations  by @allisonkennedy

My experience working with Virtual Machine  by @michaelsh

Alternative for Max line in the Analytics pane  by @V-lianl-msft

Ranking in 3 different items  by @v-alq-msft

New Customer Analysis In Power BI  by @EnterpriseDNA 

Unlock the power of dynamic parameter binding for Direct Query  by @artemus 

Display custom textbox based on the slicer selection using IF condition  by @Varunjain3109

Make a clock visual with DAX  by @v-lianl-msft 

Substring with DAX and Power Query  by @v-alq-msft

Connecting your data source to Power BI – About the third-party sources and PDFs  by @Djordje_M

Display Custom Message in the Visual Until a Selection is Made in the Slicer  by @pragati11

How to Manage Visuals while using Filters in Power BI  by @VijayP

Power BI Dev Camp- Learn About Embedding Reports with Power BI JavaScript API + Session 3 info 10/29  by @TedPattison

Memory/CPU is utilized for Paginated Report even though you do not have a Paginated Report  by @monaraya

Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Services  by @Djordje_M

Customer Retention Part 4:Customers to Retain- Segment in 4 quadrant based on Margin % and Discount  by @amitchandak

DAX for You!  by @monaraya

How did I format my DAX expression in a post?  by @DataZoe

How to connect your data in Power BI to third party vendor by @Djordje_M

Drill-up Drill-down Capability Using Bookmarks in Power BI  by @Pragati11

Connecting to an Azure Data Lake Gen 2 at a Power BI Workspace throws Access Denied Error  by @monaraya

Unable to connect to Power BI Service datasets from Power BI Desktop  by @monaraya

Power BI Challenge 7 - Wrap Up!  by @Enterprise DNA


Interested in blogging in your Community.  Reach out to us by clicking on the "Message Admin page on the right side of the  Community Blog page. 



Thank you for Joining the Power Platform Community Conference



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Thank you for being part of the Power Platform Communities!

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Meet Our Blog Authors
  • PowerApps Community Mentor 2018, Practicing surgeon and former Professor of Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago.
  • I am the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting. I've been working in the information technology industry for over 30 years, and have played key roles in several enterprise SharePoint architectural design review, Intranet deployment, application development, and migration projects. I've been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 12 consecutive years and am also a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Masters (MCSM) since 2013.
  • Systems developer
  • My name is Timothy Shaw and I create digital solutions using the Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure SQL and handle the IT for a small company in the energy sector. When not building the future :), I enjoy playing guitar, good (or really bad!) sci-fi, Xbox therapy, and hanging with my wife and son. Twitter: @ShortForTim