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Pagination Features (Esp. for PC or Tablet Mode)



When learning jQuery, various plug-in program attracted me. One of the useful plug-in program for data viewing is “Pagination”.


Today, I spare some free time and wish to share how to utilize PowerApps simple formulas to create the same function.

Formulas used in creating pagination cover only:

- If

- UpdateContext

- RoundUp & RoundDown

- CountRows

- LastN & FirstN


Screen OnVisible (Loaded) & First PageScreen OnVisible (Loaded) & First Page


Step 1





UpdateContext({iter: 0});

UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter)


When screen is loaded, it will display Gallery with Number of Rows as determined by “RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)” using FirstN(Tale1, iter)




- Add datasource to your PowerApps (I have attached complete sample PowerApps but using Static Data, so that no connection is necessary to faciliate apps learning)

- Add a Gallery, with items connected to datasource


Gallery1.Items = LastN(FirstN(Table1, iter), RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0))



Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight is used to calculate “Viewable Number of Rows”.

This is a dynamic formula because when you manually adjust the Gallery1 Height using mouse, the formula will calculate automatically.

The same is also used for “Calculating No. of Page”.



Step 2


Showing Page No. / Total No. Page


Page No.:


Total No. of Page:




Step 3


Cick on First Page or Last Page are common functions.


First Page: (Use FirstN)

UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter)


Last Page: (Use LastN)

UpdateContext({iter: CountRows(Table1)}); LastN(Table1, iter)


Last PageLast Page



Step 4


Users may opt to search by "Record" or "Page". This is a quick search method.


Search (Page):

If(Value(SearchInput.Text) <= RoundUp(CountRows(Table1)/RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0),0), UpdateContext({iter: Value(SearchInput.Text)*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula allows only searching within “Total Pages


Search (Records):


If(Value(SearchInput.Text) <= CountRows(Table1), UpdateContext({iter: Value(SearchInput.Text)-1+RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula allows only searching within “Total Records


Search "Page" functionSearch "Page" functionSearch "Record" functionSearch "Record" function


Step 5


Next Page:

If(iter < CountRows(Table1), UpdateContext({iter:If(iter < CountRows(Table1), iter+RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0))}))


If formula will detect if the record has “Come to the End of Records” based on iter < CountRows(Table1)



Previous Page:

If(iter < 2*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0), UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter), UpdateContext({iter:iter-RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula will detect if the record has “Come to the First Record” based on iter < 2*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)


Last Wish...


Hopefully PowerApps Grougp can consider Plug-In for future version so that we Apps Creation (Making) [Not Programming] will be much more faster for Productivity Apps.


Welcome comments and improvement for betterment of all.

Enjoy reading and benchmarking my sample...a complete sample!




Thanks Audrie and glad that some minor input or idea will help...

Search Record is not properly working will you please check it  once and it will be more helpful if we search for any perticular record

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