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Power Platform Training Materials

A common question we get on the PowerApps team is: "Where do I go to find out more about PowerApps?"  In general, the best resource would be Power Apps and Microsoft Flow: Learning Resources. That said, the Learning Resources don't include much of the training materials that people were looking for, so we have created this article to address this specific need.


Table of Contents:


Hands-on Labs

Step-by-Step Guides



Microsoft Learning Paths

In addition to the amazing community content, Microsoft has also created a set of learning paths to help you get up to speed with PowerApps and the rest of the Power Platform.  You can see the entire list of PowerApps learning content here and included below:


The list above includes some great training content, I do recommend bringing in one of our amazing trainers. To get expert help from PowerApps partners please see:

Some of the highest rated PowerApps training content:


Amazing resources thank you @chass 

I started going through the training but my company doesn't have the necessary license for me to complete all of it, had to stop at model driven apps.  What are my options?  Will I need to purchase my own personal license and will that give me all of the access I need to complete all of the Power Platform Fundamentals class?