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PowerApps Game Online Competition - by Those Dynamic Guys

PowerApps Game Competition

Dates: Submissions accepted until the 25th September, judging will occur 26th-27th and the winner will be announced on the 28th

Those Dynamics Guys are launching the first of it's kind PowerApps online competitionwhere you can not only win the legendary PowerApp Guru status but a brand new Amazon Echo!!!


Your judges from Microsoft are Charles Lamanna, Brian Dang and Marc Shweigert.

Now the rules:

  • Objective: Build a fully functioning game (what you build is up to you!)
  • The game must be self contained, for once we are not asking for 100s of data sources, we want a self contained app that can be uploaded to the PowerApp Bank and download for your fellow judges.
  • It must be awesome :-)

You can build a game around anything you would like - check out the PowerApps Bank Game section for ideas!!!

If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in this Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered. You then have until the 25th to upload your PowerApp Game to the PowerApps Bank under the "Game Competition" category.


Register Here


This is not a Microsoft sponsored event