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PowerApps: Get and save multiple selection values to Excel


Getting combo box values from an Excel spreadsheet stored in OneDrive is easy, however, saving multiple selected values to Excel does require a formula. This blog describes how you build that formula.


Excel spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet is stored in OneDrive. 




The spreadsheet contains two sheets,Selections and Misc




Misc is where the values for lookup are stored. Drink, Meal and Desert are the three columns which are used as lookup for mulitple selection in the PowerApp




Multiple selected values in PowerApps are stored as semi-column separated values in the select sheet





This video provides a step-by-step process on how the formula needs to be applied to save the multiple selections to the Excel spreadsheet. Here are the screenshots of the two formulas that are used.





I triyed combobox values to be saved into Dynamics crm multipicklist option set but not working.


Thank you very much for the explanation, I have watched some of your videos and are very detailed. 

I am quite new to PowerApps so my question might sound too basic but I was wondering if you can use the exported data to buildt another app, let me give you some clarification:

I have a list of documents (1, 2, 3) that I need to provide to some Users (A, B, C). These docs needs to be udpated periodically and in some occasions the same document is required by more than one User (A and C needs document 1).

My idea is to create two Apps:

App1: will be accessible only by me and my team and will have two areas:

- The first area will list the documents (1, 2, 3) and each document will have next to it an editable box where we will include the link to the most updated version.

- The second area will be used to link the User with the relevant document(s) (a Dropdown box for the User and a Checklist for the document(s)).

App2: will be accessible by the User and is where he/she can only see the list of Documents my team have assigned to them with a link to the doc (the one that was included in App1).


So, where I need your expertise is to see how can I export the data in an Excel file from App1 (User subscriptions and Document updates) to make sure that from App2 the User can access to the link of the document. 

Since, some documents are required by different users I would like to avoid updating the same Document for every User one by one, if not to be able to update it once in App1 so it is available in App2 to all Users subcribed to that Document.


Not sure if you have covered this in any of your videos, if so can you share with me the link?


Thank you very much in advance.


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