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Powerapps Offline Login Problem



I have an app with a login page which I intend to allow users to login when offline.

For this I have created a collection which saves the Login credentials, however whenevr I try to pass logic to check the textbox against the collection, I keep getting an invalid arguemnt error and theeaquals sign is alswyas underlined. 


But when i use the same code on the live db it works, can someone please help me to apply this. the code is shown below:


If(Connection.Connected,UpdateContext({errormsg:"yes"}); If(LookUp('[dbo].[user]', Email = TextInput6.Text ).Password= TextInput7.Text, Navigate(Screen1, ScreenTransition.Fade),UpdateContext({errormsg:"No"})));
ClearCollect(PassCollection,{email:'[dbo].[user]'.Email,Password: '[dbo].[user]'.Password});


If(LookUp(PassCollection, email = TextInput6.Text).Password=TextInput7.Text,Navigate(Screen1, ScreenTransition.Fade);


The second part of the code simply won't work and the equals sign after email alawys gets underlined.