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Show SharePoint customized list view in Powerapps.

Hi all, 



I have SharePoint list (Demande pour Achat) with customized view (Affichage perso) filtered by Author column : Author = [Current User] 

So I created powerapps application where I need to show this list with the same filter, when the user open the list, he will see only the items he has created. 


I tried to use the Filter function in powerapps but i can't Smiley Sad !


Thank's for your help.



Level 8

Re: Show SharePoint customized list view in Powerapps.

Have you considered using item-level permissions in the SharePoint list? If this is a scenario where each user should *only* see their own items, that may be your best bet and would definitely be the simplest solution.

If that is not the case, you would need to filter on the Author ('Created by') field. Something like:
Filter('SPList', User().Email in Author.Email)

One note of caution: when using "User().Email", PowerApps actually returns the user's UPN, which can be different than their Email. Best practices state that UPN and Email *should* be the same, but they aren't required to be.