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Suggestion for webinar

Hey @Mr-Dang-MSFT ,


Quick suggestion for a webinar one day : it be great to have deep dive on how PowerApps interacts with a data source (like Azure SQL DB). It feels a bit confusing at the moment when calls are being made to the back end (on app load, periodically, upon calling delegable functions, etc), when data is refreshed automatically vs when we need need to manually call refresh(), best practices around the use of concurrent(), clearcollect() or using stored-procs, etc.


This follows a previous thread where @v-xida-msft helped explain some aspects. However, I realized it wasn't 100% clear for me when I tried explainning it to someone else and I'm thinking I might not be alone in this.


Having good control over the communication between front and back ends can definetly help us improve performance and overall experience for our users !