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TextInput with set clear button on



If Navigate(screen;{Parametr})

and on screen is TextInput and default value is Parametr then everything is OK. I can see Parametr in TextInput.


but if I delete Textinput value over its ClearButton (TextInput must have set ClearButton->On(on the end of textinput is visibled button X) )

then TextInput.text is deleted ,it is OK, but if i Navigate(screen;{Parametr}) again then default value of TextInput is not Parametr but is still empty.

If I set default value on Parametr again,navigate and default value works again but only until deleted value over its button.








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Re: TextInput with set clear button on

Hi barta,
Please repost in the general section. You will likely find someone to help you there.
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Re: TextInput with set clear button on

If you update TextInput, its Text is no longer "Default".

So, when you leave screen, reset TextInput to default.


Below URL may help you