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Top Community Contributors of May 2019

Hey Flow Fans!

It's my honor to congratulate and thank our Top Three Community Contributors for the entire month of May 2019!! 🥳🎉

Here are the Top Three Contributors:

  1. @Brad_Groux - 50 Authored solutions (05/01-05/30)
  2. @yashag2255 - 26 Authored Solutions (05/01-05/30)
  3. @efialttes - 18 Authored Solutions (05/01-05/30)

Thank You SO MUCH for your awesome community engagement and participation over the past month! 

Your helpfulness and generosity regarding the Flow Community are contagious and encouraging! Keep it up! 

These users will each receive some awesome Microsoft Flow Swag in the coming weeks! 😁

These are truly some amazing numbers! We might have some candidates for our next round of Super Users emerging here!  🎉 🎉

Click Here to read how YOU could become one of next month's Top Community Contributors!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Flowing!

Microsoft Flow Community Manager