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Visiting the Brisbane PowerApps User Group in November!


Looking to visit my old stomping grounds of Queensland Australia after the Sydney Power Platform World Tour and visit the local Brisbane user group around November 26th (this date still  being decided):


Picture_1Brisbane PowerApps User Group

In talking to Prashant Shukla the User Group Leader he was thinking an all demo double feature with 30 minutes of Power BI/PowerApps integration and 30 minutes of AI Builder would be the best topic for his newish group...Those titles/abstracts below: 


An all demo view integrating Power Apps with Power BI

While you are probably already familiar with Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow; you may not know that Microsoft is bringing these tools together into a unified brand called: the Microsoft Power platform.  In this session Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Charles Sterling will give an all demo introduction to these products AND how you can use these products together with other offerings such as their new database engine called Common Data Service for Apps and Microsoft Forms to create very sophisticated “no code/low code” solutions for Business Analysts and  citizen developers.

All demo tour of  PowerApps AI Builder

An all demo tour of Power Apps AI Builder.  If you have looked at Power Apps AI Builder yet, it is a new feature of the Power Platform which democratizes AI and makes it available to anyone who can build a simple PowerApps or Microsoft Flow.  Available for consumption on data that already exists in the Common Data Service (CDS), the enterprise-grade datastore included in the Power Platform. AI Builder is the platform on which all our Dynamics 365 AI services are/will be built and customized, in addition to providing a low-code user experience for every developer to create and customize their PowerApps and Flows.



Charles Sterling (Chuck) came to Microsoft from being a marine biologist working for United States National Marine Fisheries doing marine mammal research on the Bering Sea. He started out at Microsoft supporting Excel and moved through a couple of support teams to being an escalation engineer for Microsoft SQL Server. Taking his love for customers (and diving), Chuck moved to Australia as a product manager and developer evangelist for the .NET Framework. In 2008 he moved back to Redmond as a Visual Studio program manager then joined the Power Platform group focusing on Power BI and now continues his community passion and looking after the PowerApps influencers and MVPs.