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What is a Flow Community Super User (Flownaut)?

Hey Flow Fans!


Find the Updated Flownaut Requirements Announcement Here!


Have you ever wondered what it's like to have extra permissions and access within the Microsoft Flow Community? Have you had the urge to make more of an impact on the Flow Community? Well then, you are in luck! There's an excellent program for Flow Community users who want to give a little bit more of their time back to the community than the average community user. This program is reserved for those among the Flow Community who have put in the extra time and effort that it takes to prove that they really want to spend time helping users on the Community. This program is called the Super User Program! I'll briefly explain what super users are, then I'll explain what it's like to be one here in the Flow Community!

Community Super Users are the figurative mitochondria of any well functioning community. They can very much be the "powerhouse' that keeps things running day-to-day. It may surprise you that most well-functioning Community sites' discussion boards usually require very little maintaining when it comes to community content like ours. Such as ensuring each thread has been replied to and ensuring the issues addressed by the threads are resolved and they can also assist with content moderation. This is because a good team of Super Users will be doing all of these basic things on a regular rotational basis.

Super Users are the Community superheroes that spend more time in the community than pretty much anyone else. They are dedicated users that have developed a passion for helping others get their issues solved! These Super Users are almost always given extra permission within the community site and they are recognized via a special community role. Super Users should be the first ones replying to new posts made by regular community members and the ones making sure that the content within the forums is moderated to the specified level along with monitoring for/handling abuse and spam. Being a Super User is a very noble duty to serve the greater community because even community visitors that aren't registered will see the content/solutions that you provide for others so the potential audience of your solutions/content is essentially unlimited!

Here in the Flow Community, we call our Super Users Flownauts! We feel that this name will help our Super Users remember that they are at the forefront of a very important overall mission to help empower and enable other Flow users to accomplish their goals or visualize their ideas more clearly.

Super Users (Flownauts) play an incredibly important role within the Flow Community! It is their job to spend time going through the forums and offering your expertise wherever you can. Some of the best online product communities have accepted solutions on most of their threads. Also, there will be nearly ZERO threads without replies. because there is usually always at least one Super User online to address the issue and work the users through them. We have a Community Support Team that reply to threads with no solutions after 24 hours but there has to be a support team on the front lines that are helping users as soon as they post their threads!

They have the opportunity to work with our dedicated Community Support Team in helping users find solutions to their issues. Flownauts are also mentioned on the Official Flow Twitter Account from time to time! 

I know to some dedicated users out there this will sound inspirational. To those users, this is an undeniably excellent opportunity to make an impact on a large number of people by helping make the Flow Community a better place for everyone. If this sounds like an opportunity for you, please reach out to me via Community DM and I will help you completely understand the awesome role of being a Flownaut!

The fastest way to become a Flow Community Super User (Flownaut) is to go offer as much help as you can on community posts and spend as much time as you can on the Community! Your efforts will be noticed and you will be sent an offer to join the Flownaut crew!


If this sounds like a description of your current community activities then you are most likely already a Super User or someone from the team will reach out to you soon and offer you a spot on the Flownaut crew!

I hope this describes the experience as a Flow Community Super User a little more clearly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for reading!


Microsoft Flow Community Manager


- Gabriel
Community Manager
Power Automate | Power Virtual Agents
Super User Program Manager


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