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"There's more than one way to skin a cat

As a cat-lover, I dislike this graphic-reference to taxidermy. But it does have a point: there are often multiple ways to achieve a goal.

In this article I will compare 6 pairs of Power Apps functions, why they are the similar and how you can use their differences to your advantage.


Helper II
Helper II

In this post, I will show how to use SASS on your PCF projects and increase your possibilities with this framework.




 Community Highlights for Power Apps for May 2020 


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We are excited to be announcing our top five contributors for our Power Apps users and our Super Users. This achievement isn't easy, and those who make it here have usually set a goal to help as many community members as they can and are using their own free time to give back to this awesome community.

May Top 5 - 62220.JPG


Power Apps Super Users:  @mdevaney, @Drrickryp , @timl  @efialttes@yashag2255

Power Apps Users:  @WarrenBelz, @eka24, @ScottShearer, @abm, @KrishnaV


Featured Blog: 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Integrate Common Data Service (CDS) with Power Automate UI Flow a...

In this article I want to talk about the solution provided by Microsoft for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through an example that involving Common Data Service, Power Automate and Paint… yes, you got it right, Paint!

by: @capuanodanilo


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Do you belong to a local Power Platform User Group?  Want to let the world know?  Claim your badge!

Here is your opportunity to show your pride in your local User Group.  Just fill out the brief form at and receive your User Group Badge.

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Support Article Update - ‘Asking, Answering, and Accepting’ is now ‘Contributing to the Community’

We have made some major updates to one of our support articles, 'Asking, Answering, and Accepting'. The article is now called ‘Contributing to the Community’ and has new information on what to do if your post is marked as spam and how to use the galleries.


Super Users: 

What is A Super User? 

Just as the name suggests the Super Users are the superheroes of our community. They are especially active and helpful community members who respond with solutions to issues, create posts for our community blog, and share Data Stories. Besides providing a large volume of useful content and interactions, they are also recognized for the quality of their posts. In addition to being awarded a specific forum badge, they are invited to special monthly Super User meetings with the Power Apps community leadership and product teams. They have access to private parts of our forum and are given previews of future community and Power Apps features. Another perk is that Super Users are nominated for consideration to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title.


If you’ve always wondered who the folks are that are that are so helpful when it comes to answering your questions, you should check out our post with biographies and photos of some of the Super Users from Season 1 of this 2020.


Visit here for How to become a Super User:


Check out the Entries of the Demo Extravaganza 2020-

The Top 5 have been selected and we ask that you go out and vote for your favorite by using a Kudos for your vote.


As always, thank you for being part of the Power Apps Community!

Helper II
Helper II

Hi! Today I will show how to use python language inside your PCF, showing how the platform is so wide and you can do incredible things.


I'm a PCF lover 🥰, and when I love something in the technologic world, I try to understand each byte of the subject. In PCF I'm doing a lot of studies to better understand how works. And one thing that gave me curiously is that PCF use webpack to build the component. I thought, a lot of web components in the world use webpack, can we use too on PCF?


So I'm started to search what I can you on my PCF's? So I found a lot of cool things to use likes Sass(in the next post) and Python. 






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User Group images.png

Regular Visitor

Among the latest features released by Microsoft, we have the possibility (finally!) of being able to connect in the cloud to the Common Data Service (CDS) database to perform our queries. The SQL connection provides read-only access to the entity data of the target CDS environment. Below I show you all the necessary steps.

First of all, make sure you have the SSMS updated version at least 18.4:




Next you need to enable the TDS endpoint functionality. These settings can be found in the Power Platform admin center by going to: Environments > [Your Environment Name] > Settings > Product > Features > TDS endpoint:




Well, now you have all the requirements to be able to connect. Now, open SSMS and enter the following information to perform the connection:

  • Server Type: Database Engine
  • Server Name: [your organization name],5558
  • Auth: AAD – Password
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your password]

Notice that the Server Name is the organization address URL followed by a comma and the port value of 5558:




After establishing the connection, you will be able to see all the tables of the CDS:




The list of supported SQL operations includes:

  • Batch operations (such as Backup, Synchronization, etc…)
  • Aggregation functions (i.e., Count() and Max() functions)
  • UNIONs and JOINs
  • Filtering

IMPORTANT! the Common Data Service endpoint SQL connection uses the Common Data Service security model for data access and is read-only. Data can be obtained for all entities to which a user has access to in Common Data Service.




Hope it helps and happy 365Power’ing!


Keep your eyes open for our upcoming 'Can You Solve These?' community challenge! Although we have had Power BI 'Can You Solve These?' challenges before, this one will be different, as members from ALL Power Platform Communities can participate! This is your chance to win some really cool swag.

We’ll post here, in News & Announcements, when we have more details to share, so stay tuned!


In light of recent world events, we have decided to postpone this event. We appreciate your comments and Kudos and encourage you to check our News & Announcements section for future updates.


We've seen a lot of positive responses to the badge and rank releases that took place over the last couple of months. We love seeing how much you're enjoying your new badges and watch you climb up the earned ranks.  Since this is the Power Apps Community, after all, we would like to share some cool related metrics with you to wrap up the releases. 

PA Badge Infograph.pngPA Rank Infograph.png


You can find more information on how badges work here and info on how ranks work here.

What was your favorite release? Any ranks or badges that you are working towards? Let us know in the comments below.


Thanks for being part of the Power Apps Community!


We are excited to share our Community Highlights for Power Apps for April 2020! To stay up to date with the latest community happenings, be sure to subscribe to News & Announcements! For more information about subscribing to community content, see our support article, Subscriptions and Notifications.


Each month we will be recognizing our top five contributors for our users and our Super Users. This achievement isn't easy, and those who make it here have usually set a goal to help as many community members as they can and are using their own free time to give back to this awesome community.

Congratulations to our TOP April Contributors:

Top April Users.JPG

Power Apps Super Users: @mdevaney@Drrickryp@PowerAddict@RezaDorrani@timl 

Power Apps Users: @WarrenBelz@eka24@OliverRodrigues @EricRegnier , @Eelman 

Have you claimed your MBAS Badge? 

Whether you were able to watch the sessions live, or find yourself watching the sessions in the community, you can claim your community badge to be shown in your profile by filling out this short form: Thanks to all of the users that have already claimed theirs! 


MBAS Gallery: 

You can now watch Microsoft Business Applications Summit sessions on-demand right from the Community:


Super Users: 

If you’ve always wondered who the folks are that are that are so helpful when it comes to answering your questions, you should check out our post with biographies and photos of some of the Super Users from Season 1 of this 2020.

Visit here for How to become a Super User:


Power Virtual Agents Community Launch: 

Power Virtual Agents has been a part of our product family for a bit now, we launched its very own PVA Community at the end of April. Take a look around, and learn more about how you can use PVA to be more productive:


'Better Together' T-shirt Design Contest - WINNER ANNOUNCED!  

We are excited to announce one of our Power Apps Community members is the winner of the t-shirt design contest: Congratulations @jKell  We had a hard time choosing the winner from all of the t-shirt design contest finalists, but the wait is finally over. If you missed the t-shirt reveal at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020, read our post to find out who won:


New Ranks & Icons are Here!  Check out how ranks and the new list of ranks


Community Support Area: 

Did you know that you could subscribe to labels? Well, now you do. If you would like to be notified of posts related to posts on a certain topic, check out our updated article on Subscriptions and Notifications, which now has instructions for subscribing to labels:

There are times when you might want to go back and edit a post or delete one because you have accidentally created a duplicate. If you want to learn how to edit or delete one of your own posts, read our updated support article on ‘How to Use the Toolbar’ (specifically, under ‘Inserting and editing media’ > ‘Images’):

Here’s another neat feature: You can actually speed up the image insertion process by copying and pasting the image into the upload field. Curious how you can do this? Read our updated article ‘Asking, Answering, and Accepting’:

Check out our new galleries:

Kid Zone -

Emergency Response -



Thanks again from the whole team to all participants who shared their amazing designs in our cross-community ‘Better Together’ T-shirt design contest. We had a hard time choosing the winner from the finalists, but the wait is finally over, and the winner is… *drumroll* 🥁

jKell from the Power Apps Community! jKell’s design ‘Better together | Super hero landing’ impressed us the most. Without further ado, here it is:




Just look at the ingenius use of the brand colors! Below is the T-shirt mockup created, based on the design:

T-Shirt Contest Winner.png



Congratulations, jKell! Your T-shirt was chosen to be printed and worn during the May 6th Microsoft Business Applications Submit online event. Wonder what inspired him to create the T-shirt and who jKell is? Read it in his own words:

"What was my concept?

Growing up, I watched tv shows where a team of heroes with a single power could unite and have even greater power. My drawing is playing off of that concept where each application within the PowerApps suite does amazing things, but together they do even more.


Who am I?

My name is Joel Kellner. I am an artist who loves to transform ideas into visual creations. I play with code, video, photos, vector drawings, and sketches to capture a thought and make it whole. God has made me a visual thinker who can find patterns and organize information into engaging graphics. I have worked as freelance Graphic Designer, Art Director at youth sporting event t-shirt company, Instructional Designer at a healthcare organization and currently am e-Learning Manager at Adventist Health. It brings me great joy to draw and share my ideas with others. I am humbled by this recognition."


Like this shirt?  Want one? Currently, these shirts are only available through community events.  Stay tuned for your opportunity to earn or win one!

Give it up for all the awesome contest participants in the comments below.


We are pleased to announce the “Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring Solution”



Microsoft Business Applications Summit is all about creating greater outcomes for your business. As we evolve our upcoming digital event, we want to hear which topics would be the most beneficial to you.



Thank you for everyone who participated in our ‘Better Together’-themed T-shirt design contest. We were amazed by the amount and quality of submissions. Our Design team is certainly not going to have an easy time choosing the winner for the contest from all the impressive images that were submitted. We had a total of 90 community entries: 52 for Power BI, 28 for Power Apps, 9 for Power Automate & Power Virtual Agents, and 1 for Dynamics.

Here are the top 3 submissions, by Kudos, from all 3 communities:




Which one was your favorite? Stay tuned for the winner announcement at MBAS in May!


April 2020 is bringing some great news for the Power Apps community.  One of the things that we're working on and can't wait to share with you are new ranks and rank icons.   Stay tuned for more details over the next few weeks.  As always, we'll let you know right here, in the News & Announcements section of the community.


In the meantime, you can learn more about ranks in our support article.


Early February we released an exciting new feature that enables you to add telemetry logging to your application using Application Insights.

That blog post can be found here:

This blog post is a walk through for getting that running specifically for creating a send a smile experience from your Power Apps. You can also find a video of this walk through here:


This blog post will offer a set of walk through steps to get this set up for your applications: 


Super User
Super User

A deep dive into the design challenges encountered during the creation of this game! 



Keep your eyes open for our upcoming T-shirt design contest! Going with the Power Platform motto of "Powerful alone. Better together," we are inviting you to a create T-shirt designs that encompass all 5 products in the family, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Dynamics, using the product colors.


We will post when we have more details to share. We suggest that you use the wait time to brainstorm some cool design ideas. 


Congratulations to our Power Apps - Super Users 2020 Season 1 


If you have spent any time in the Power Apps Community, you have probably noticed regular contributors through community blog posts, activity in the Power Apps contribute useful solutions. Their advice is invaluable and it shows because they are in the Top Kudoed Authors Leaderboard in the Microsoft Power Apps Community. See some familiar names? Their Community contributions and Power Apps expertise continue to make the Power Apps Community a valuable place.


New Super Users:                                       Returning Super Users:                                   Dual Super Users:

PowerAddict                                             ThatAPIGuy        iAmManCat                           yashag2255

tchin-nin                                                   RandyHayes       LRVinNC                                Pstork1     

Mike8                                                        mdevaney          Shanescows                          RezaDorrani                             

leyburn19                                                  timl                    wyotim                                  efialttes

DavesTechTips                                          Jeff_Thorpe        rebeccas                                darogael

seadude                                                    Drrickyp             PaulD1



Meet our Super Users:


User Wyotim.jpg


Timothy, works for a small company in the energy sector, creating digital solutions using the Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure SQL as well as handling their general IT needs. In his down time, He enjoys playing guitar, watching good (or really bad!) sci-fi, Xbox, and hanging out with his wife and son.


Power Addict.jpg


Hardit is an Electrical Engineer with a MBA in Finance. He has over 10 years’ experience as an analyst/manager/consultant in IT, financial services and hospitality industry. With a deep interest in tasks involving analytical thinking, Power Apps is the world he had been dreaming of since a very long time! When he got introduced into the world of Power Apps, it took him just a few weeks to get addicted and dive deep into it! He is now obsessed with everything related to Power Apps and is always on the lookout to spread the knowledge and invite more and more people into this world!




Reza is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP & Principal Consultant at Catapult Systems.  He focuses on the Power Platform Practice and has over 12+ years of experience in IT including workin with medium to large companies.  He is a Microsoft Power Apps & Microsoft Power Automate community Super user which makes him a Dual Super user.  He was awarded the Microsoft Flow All Star award by the Power Automate Community.  He is also the founder and leader of the Houston Powe Apps & Power Automate User Group.


Tim leung.JPG


Tim is an early adopter of PowerApps and one of the first Super Users on this forum. By profession,he is a software developer. He is probably best known for writing the first book on PowerApps -  'Beginning PowerApps'.  Just ask, he loves these forums. They've given him a  chance to meet some amazing people. I'm inspired by the knowledge and dedication of those who devote so much time to helping others. He is proud to be part of this group and it makes him happy to be able to share his expertise, encourage adoption of PowerApps, and to answer whatever questions that he can. If you're new to this, he encourages you to take part in this great community.


Sancho Harker.JPG


"Sancho is an Office365 and Microsoft Power Platform evangelist who specializes in creating integrated and low-cost solutions. Recognized as a Super User on the Microsoft Power Apps Community forums since July 2019, and a #PowerAppsChamp since November 2019.  Sancho enjoys helping others and can become very animated if asked to elaborate on a topic that he knows/loves. His passion for computers and technology stems from his father, who sadly passed away when he was a young age.
As an autistic person, the modern workplace environment can sometimes be a struggle. PowerApps has changed his life, not only professionally but also personally. It has given him a chance to be part of a larger community where his input is valued and respected.  When not empowering others through technology, Sancho enjoys creating fine-art drawings, playing the piano, programming and gaming."


Michalis Rousopoulos.JPG


Michalis has completed his master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2016. In 2017, he started his career as a software developer at Metamicro Automatisering B.V in the Netherlands where he enjoys building applications using Powerapps, Flow and SQL.  Michalis is always keen to contribute to his teams and values lifelong learning. He would like to thank the Powerapps community for all the help that he received, especially during the early stages. Apart from programming in his personal time, Michalis enjoys playing a variety of sports including basketball and tennis.



Vivek Bavishi is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP who has been working on the Power Platform sinceit’s inception. 

He is one of the proponents of the #PowerAddicts community and loves sharing his experiences with others. He is also a PowerApps Champion who has enabled his organization to be more productive and efficient by using the Power Platform. 

He writes blogs, makes videos and shares his work on GitHub. The quickest way to reach out to him is through Twitter (

Blog –

YouTube -



Shane Young.JPG


Shane is a lover of all things Power Apps which he talks about on his Power Apps YouTube channel. There you will find countless videos where Shane and his trusty sidekick Chewy teach you how to do awesome stuff with Power Apps. When they aren’t being YouTube stars, you can find them building apps and taking naps at PowerApps911.


Rebecca Sackett.JPG


Rebecca designs apps for non-technical users in a small manufacturing firm means I spend a lot of time interfacing with users, examining their existing processes, then designing and modifying PowerApps and Flow solutions to facilitate improved management of work processes. Being recognized as one of the PowerChamps means she interacts with so many people in the community, sharing tips and ideas, and collectively creating really new and innovative content.



Lori Valone.JPG


Lori is a Tools & Technology Architect at Teradata by day, where she, builds Power Platform solutions for the Consulting organization. By night, she shares her knowledge and experience with the Power Platform through her website and YouTube channel, Doggone Good Consulting, focusing on helping new users find the information they need to be successful with Power Apps and the entire Power Platform.


Theophile Chin-nin.jpg


Théophile is a Microsoft 365 architect,he guides organizations on their way in Microsoft 365 governance and configuration. One of his missions is to empower businesses with the Power Platform and he really believes there is no better tool to help end-users to act for their own digital transformation. 


Dawid van Heerden.JPG


“Dawid is an IT executive with over 20 years’ experience in areas ranging from infrastructure to business processes development and solution implementation. He has worked with many organizations of all sizes to ensure that their IT strategies compliment their organisation's vision, and that the full potential of their IT investments are being realized.

Since founding Ukuvuma Solutions in 2004, he has been involved with 100s of projects from large-scale collaborative system deployments, to innovative mobile solutions.

As the Modern Workplace Director at Ukuvuma Solutions, he is involved with high end projects to share his passion for innovation, integration and strategy combined with his in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform.”



yash agarwal.jpg


Yash is a Software Developer at AIS, Microsoft Business Applications MVP and is located in India.


Paul Stork.JPG


Paul is the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting. He has been working in the information technology industry for over 30 years, and has played key roles in several enterprise SharePoint architectural design review, Intranet deployment, application development, and migration projects. he has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the last 12 consecutive years and earned his Microsoft Certified SharePoint Masters (MCSM) certification in 2013. His current focus is on Office 365 security, DevOps using DSC, and Microsoft PowerApps/Flow.


Paul O'Flaherty.JPG


Paul is originally from the UK but recently moved to New Zealand, Paul works on Datacom’s Power Platform team and co-hosts the Christchurch Power Apps and Power Automate user group. Paul also has a YouTube channel ( where he shares tips and tricks.


Javier Ferreiro.JPG


Javier Ferreiro, have been using two different usernames at the Power Platform Community: @efialttes and @efialtes

You can find me also by Twitter at @J_Ferreiro_G . He works as a Project Manager for Telefónica, the main telecom Operator in Spain and Latinoamerica, also operating in UK and Germany under O2 brand. In the middle of a research for fast app prototyping I found himself contrinuting to project Siena, and then jumped first into PowerApps and then into Flow (now rebranded as Power Automate). The research project was finally abandoned, however, but thanks to Telefonica migration to an Office 365 based solution, he is dealing a Remote Process Automation based project focusing on internal processes that used to be manual, email based before... with the help of Microsoft PowerPlatform tools.  Active contributor both on Power Platform community Forums and more recently in the context of the Power Platform local community in Madrid, he has just launched a blog in Spanish called 'Any one can automate' at


Super User
Super User

I am going to make a bold statement. 

"My name is Matthew Devaney and I believe taking the time to make your own game is one of the best PowerApps learning experiences you can ever have." 

There, I said it.

PowerApps is a platform used by serious people for building Serious Business Apps (tm) that save serious time and $$$.  So why bother to make a game?   Brian Dang who is a well-known game-maker in the PowerApps community put it best:



Still not convinced?  Take a look at these 5 things I learned by making a Crossword Countdown: A PowerApps Word Game.





Exciting News: Brand new badges are coming to you!

After not making any changes to the current badges for quite a while, we decided it was time to revamp our current badges as well as to add new ones. The updated design will ensure that there is more consistency across our Power Platform communities: Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps.

Besides having a sleeker appearance, the new badge design is more accessibility compliant, so that all community members can enjoy them. The numbers on the badges referring to a count have been made larger, so that it is now much easier to see how many Kudos you have given or received, how often you have replied, what your solution count is, etc.


Not only are we redesigning the existing badges, but we are also slowly, over the next few weeks, rolling out badges for higher activity counts, such as 1,000 Kudos received, and brand-new anniversary badges to reflect for how long you’ve been a member of our community. This means that you can earn even more badges now.

1 year Anniversary.JPG

Whenever you unlock a new badge, you receive a notification. As we roll out new badges over the next few weeks, you may even earn badges based on your past community contributions! You will receive a notification for these, as well. Since we are releasing the redesigned and new badges in waves, you may receive multiple notifications, not just for brand new badges, but also for ones that you earned in the past too!


Our business applications community is growing, so we needed a different venue, resulting in a new date and location for the Microsoft Business Applications Summit May 6–7, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. We hope to see you there!



On February 14th, we will be recognizing the “Super Users for 2020!” The Power Apps Community Super Users make up an exclusive group of community experts who are top contributors with outstanding participation. Super User Status is recognition for community contributions such as finding threads that have no reply and providing helpful answers, marking solutions, writing blog posts, posting data stories, giving kudos contributing content. For 2019, we currently have recognized 22 and additional 6 amazing contributors users to join our Super Users family. Bringing our total to 25 Super Users for 2020.




Was talking to Justin at the San Diego and he decided that walking through a new twist on Power Apps and Power BI integration was a must do and Forms processing would be a close second....If we have time i would love the group to also have a go at building a Power Virtual Agent Bot....



Object detection can be used to expedite or automate business processes in multiple industries. In the retail industry, it can be used to expedite the inventory management, allowing retail leaders to focus on on-site customer relationship building. In the manufacturing industry, technicians can use it to speed up the repair process to quickly pull out the manual of a piece of machinery for which the UPC/serial number isn't standing out.



Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Responsive Design Made Easy(*ier)


Super User
Super User

Would you like an easy way to add some depth to your Power Apps? Click "Read more..." for a method using html box-shadows to do just that, as well as a way to animate a button press using the same technique!



Sandy Rivas, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, was in New York City last week to receive a Silver Stevie® Award for Women in Business in the Best New Product of the Year category. 


Sandy and award2.png


The award was given in recognition of an innovation that Sandy and her team implemented across Microsoft’s Business Applications Communities, called Intelligent Content Syndication™ (ICS). Developed by iTalent Digital, ICS is a powerful tool for ensuring that Power Platform Community members can easily access relevant content from across Microsoft’s product ecosystem of web properties, without having to leave the community.

This supports Microsoft Corporate Vice President, James Phillips’ “Better Together” vision for the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 products by surfacing information where the user chooses to be, no matter where it originated. ICS also allows community members to interact bi-directionally in real time with users and subject matter experts in other communities, without either party having to leave their “home” platform.

You may have noticed content from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit last June posted inside the various Power Platform communities:



This content was all hosted on the MBAS website, but thanks to ICS, it was “syndicated” or published to all of the communities represented at the Summit within hours of the event. The innovative bi-directional nature of ICS has allowed users across the different communities to engage with each other around the same pieces of content.

For example, if someone commented on an MBAS video or thread in the Power BI Community, users from the Power Automate, Power Apps or Dynamics communities could all see that comment and add their replies to the same thread, without leaving their home property. This has truly taken engagement around content to new heights!

We were pleased to see the value that members derived from this new functionality, as measured in the level of engagement around the content. Within the first 30 days, the syndicated content drove 30% of all the traffic across the target properties, with some communities seeing as much as an 80% increase in page views. We also saw an average 43% increase in visits. Significantly, the boost was sustained, with ongoing user activity lifted by 10% across all properties.

ICS Community Stats.jpg


What’s more, over 70% of the viewed content referenced Microsoft products to which the user was not currently subscribed, which means that community members were able to access information that helped them better understand how Microsoft’s ecosystem of products work together and complement each other. It has also enabled super-users in the different communities to gain exposure to users of other communities and assist them with their questions, all without having to leave their “home” property.

ICS is a recent example of our commitment to delivering a valuable and satisfying experience around our products for the benefit of our customers. Being recognized with a Stevie® Award has been a great confirmation for us, but even more gratifying has been the positive response from all of you and seeing the value you have derived from it.


Super User
Super User

The blog walks you through how you can export items from a gallery into a CSV using Power Automate with a OneDrive for Business connection.